Monday, October 22, 2012

P is for Pumpkin

We went to the pumpkin patch last Friday with our friends, the Allens.  It was freezing, but totally worth it! The kids loved the slides, the pedal bikes and climbing all over the hay bales.  Anson got to ride the train and he wasn't quite sure what to think about it at first, so Taylor was super sweet and walked next to it for a bit.  By the end, he loved it.  It was a special treat for the kids to see their Dads in the middle of the day because they are always so busy running the trucking company we started together here in ND.  

After the pumpkin patch, we went back to the the Allen's house for a yummy popcorn snack and then we made delicious tacos and brownies!  It was a great day!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cravings to the MAXX

I can honestly say that other than peanut butter crunch cereal, I didn't have many definitive cravings with Anson.  With Cupcake on the other hand, watch out!!  She is very opinionated about what I eat and when it's something she likes, she'll kick up a storm.  However, if she doesn't, I get sick almost instantly.

Things we love or have loved:
spinach salads with honey mustard dressing
breakfast sandwiches
Chef Boyardi Ravioli
progresso chicken noodle soup
vegetable soup
refried beans
green tobasco sauce
cream cheese
chai tea
grape nuts
almonds and cashews
beef pot pie (yes, the really cheap ones)
Italian b.m.t. subway sandwiches with everything and extra jalapenos
V8 vegetable juice

I have to have eggs and tomatoes every morning in some variation.  The first time I had a craving for this combination, I was out for a walk with Anson and started salivating.  I ate four eggs and a whole tomato atop two pieces of toast and I literally moaned through the whole thing.  It was that good.  I have had jars of pickles for lunch and nothing else.  One day, I had a craving for a tostada with refriend beans, tomatoes and green tobasco and made that very thing for dinner and ate until I was blue.  Did I mention she loves tomatoes?  Mmmm...  I wake up every single night without fail and have to have a drink of milk, it's so funny.    The things I like are not strictly confined to this list, these are just the things I crave.

Things we detest or have detested:
Meat, with the exception of bacon and beef (occasionally)
Cheese (We're warming back up this one)
brussel sprouts
sweets (excluding pop tarts, sugary cereal and occasionally chocolate)
sweet potatoes
peanut butter
most fruit (let's be honest)

It is so strange to dislike things that I usually love!  Like I said though, she has a strong opinion about her likes and dislikes.  If I attempt to eat any one of these things, it's instant nausea.  I'm just grateful for the things I can eat.  It was touch and go in the beginning and nothing sounded good.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

She's a lady!!

While I have been incredibly uninspired to blog for several months, I got my inspiration on my 27th Birthday (Tuesday) when we got to see our sweet baby girl!  She is so beautiful, she's healthy and we couldn't be happier!

We made quite a production out of finding out if the baby was a he or a she.  We had the ultrasound tech write it down and put it into an envelope.  We proceeded to a local bakery and told the decorator that inside the envelope was the sex of our child and to decorate and fill the cupcake with the appropriate color frosting.  Taylor had an appointment immediately following our ultrasound, so I had to sit and wait for an hour and a half from the time we left to be able to go home and find out!  The anticipation was killer, but it was so fun!!  Her Grandma Barlow suggested that we call her cupcake from here on out and I must say, I quite like it.

Here she is!!!

Our Sweet Cupcake,

It was so wonderful to see your precious face and to see each part of your healthy, growing body.  We love you so much already and can hardly wait to meet you.  We already think you are so beautiful and you look so much like your big Brother Anson.

You are a mover and a shaker and it has been so fun feeling your kicks and wiggles.  You sure love your older Brother's voice and especially his laugh--you always move around like crazy when you hear him.  Your Brother is going to love you so much and if he understood that you were growing in Mommy's belly, he would be so excited.  He'll make up for lost time when you get here with lots of hugs and kisses!

You have decided to set up shop right in Mommy's pelvis, which means lots of trips to the potty, back aches and difficulty bending over. Mommy is already very uncomfortable and you still have to cook in my belly for another 4 1/2 months and Mommy is still very nauseous.  Honestly, I think all of these things are just your way of saying: I'm here!!  You need to understand that Mommy will take on all of this and more if it means bringing you into this world healthy and strong.  Mommy would do anything for you and every discomfort is more than worth it!

Keep growing, growing and growing!  Love you sweet girl!

Daddy & Mommy

Friday, June 8, 2012

He's Two and he knows it!

Anson is officially a two year old and has discovered his attitude and boy, does he keep us on our toes. Let me tell you, this kid has the fits and pouty lip down pat! Along with the attitude though, he brings us so much joy. He is so much fun to hang out with and is pretty darn hilarious! He loves to play trains, blocks and cars, he also loves being outside and watching the life flight helicopter (hel-ca-car) fly in and out from the hospital we live by. He is a major chatterbox and he makes us laugh to no end. We seriously love him more and more each day and always look forward to what tomorrow will bring!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy, happy 2nd Birthday!!

I haven't been feeling inspired to blog lately, but it's been a month now since our little guy turned two, so I figured I should post about his special day.

We seriously had so much fun and I had a party the night before decorating our little apartment to surprise Anson in the morning, baking cupcakes and preparing baked french toast (ew) for his special Birthday breakfast.  

Fast forward to the morning of his Birthday:

He love, love, loved his wall of balloons and Yo Gabba Gabba! decroations. 

We met up with our adorable friends, the Croslands for lunch at Qdoba and then it was off to Barnes and Noble  for a free Birthday cupcake and to pick out two new books (Chugginton and Llama Llama mad at Mama).

After our afternoon of adventure, it was home for a nap and frosting cupcakes for his pizza/cupcake party at His Papa's apartment clubhouse (thanks Papa)!

We had such a good time stuffing ourselves with pizza and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Thank you to all who came to take part in making Anson feel special and for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts!  Thank you Grandma and Papa Barlow and Aunt Lauren for sending the clothes and awesome bean bag chair, we sure missed you!  Thanks also to Mom and Dad for the Chuggington DVD and hots wheels, Anson loves both!  Thanks for the card G & G Poulsen, it was so sweet that you remembered him!

Happy Birthday lovey love!!  We hope you had a great day and that you know just how special you are to us!  We love you!