Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anson: 4 Months!!

Okay, so I am a slacker in getting this post up and my baby is nearly 5 months old, but at least I'm fitting it in right?  Life has been busy--I feel like all I do is just clean, clean, clean, but if you want your house to stay nice, I guess that's what you have to do (I don't even clean everyday, but still it's insane).  I have been booked at the salon on Wednesdays when I work and Taylor has been guiding like crazy. Meanwhile, our Anson is growing like a weed and changing everyday!  I have made it my calling to focus on his development everyday-- he has tummy time, we read books, sing songs, he plays independently on his playmat, hangs out in his swing and in his bumbo chair.  He watches me cook dinner almost every night and we listen to the lullaby station on pandora radio.

4 months stats : weight: 12lbs 7oz   height: 25 inches

You have accomplished a lot this month and you are quite possibly the most adorable little person that your Dad and I have ever encountered.  You're smiling constantly, which is so fun and you laugh now which brings us incomprehensible joy.  You have truly transformed from a newborn to a little person in the last few months and it's so sweet to watch you learn and grow, but so sad for your Mom to look back at pictures of you and marvel at how tiny you were just four and half months ago.  You reach for your Dad's and my face when we are close to you and it makes our hearts go pitter patter, because you finally know who we are, you recognize our faces and you light up when you see us.

You adore your Dad, it so precious when he walks in the door from work, because you get a big grin on your face.  Your daddy loves you, his world begins and end with you.  He misses you even when he's only apart from you for the day and he loves to hold and snuggle with you every second that he gets.  Your Dad claimed that once you were old enough, he'd let you cry it out no matter what as long as you had everything you needed (clean bum, full tummy, not too hot and feeling well).  Let me tell you that anytime he hears a peep come from your room, he promptly gets up, because he can't stand to hear you cry. 

You discovered your feet this month and you are always playing with them.

You have pretty good control of your hands these days--you're reaching for toys and holding on to them for little spurts of time, and you LOVE  the toys that hang above you on your playmat and you are trying to turn the pages of your books when I read them to you

I am in LOVE with this sweater that I bought for you and I was soooo worried that it wouldn't get cold enough for you to wear it before you'd outgrown it.  We happen to live in a place that has pretty wacko weather patterns and it got cold for a week, so I put it on you and it FITS!!!!  It is the cutest thing on the planet and it's still quite big which means that it will fit for a while.  It just broke my heart when I put it on you for the first time because you looked so precious. 

You are getting so good at sitting up in your bumbo like a big boy, before we know it, you'll be sitting up on your own with no help at all!

I won't say that you love tummy time, you really don't.  You'll lay there for a few minutes and then get frustrated and roll over on your back so that you can play with your feet.  Your neck is getting very strong though and you are able to hold your head up comfortably without any trouble.  On the other end of the spectrum, you LOVE baths, they make you smile.

Your cute moments are not few, actually you have about 20 cute moments a day.  Thanks you for loving us and we want you to know that we are so grateful to be your parents.  You are a very even tempered little boy, you love your schedule and you hate it when we throw you off.  I know sometimes it's hard when you want to take a nap and you aren't comfy in your bed, but we try as hard as we can to be consistent.  We are doing the best job that we know how and we hope that you will love us for how hard we work. We miss you when we are away from you for only a few hours and you always greet us with a sweet smile when you lay your eyes on us.  We love you so much sweet baby and we know that many happy tomorrows lie ahead! 

Love, Daddy & Mommy

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The second week of August, I got to go to Utah for a few days and spend time with my Mommy, some Aunties, Uncles and Cousins.  I had to drive Taylor to the airport to go on a business trip to Florida at the same time, so it worked out perfectly!!  My Mom asked me to meet her because she was flying in for my cousin Brandon's wedding and she wanted to see her Grandson and of course me, but mostly Anson.  I spent my first night Tuesday August 10th in Pleasantview with My Aunt Michelle, Uncle Dano, my Grandparents and cousins and had a great time.  I hung there until about 9pm Wednesday night and then headed to the airport to pick up my Mom.  Then we headed to American Fork to my Uncle Ben and Aunt Katie's house where we hung out until Saturday afternoon.  It was a great week, the wedding was beautiful (sorry no pics) and I had so much fun with my Mom and extended family!!  Picked up Tay on Saturday night and then we headed back to my Aunt Michelle's for the night!  It was nice to get out of town just for a few days.

Here are some pics from the trip!

Are these not the cutest ever?!??!  I just adore these photos!

I have to say that I never went hungry on this trip!  We ate everything from German pancakes and Belgian waffles, to chinese, bajio and milkshakes.  It was pretty much awesome!

Love, Love, LOVE this photo!

My best Couzie Covina and I--we always have the best time together!  Love you beans!  Xoxo!

Now for some big news!  I'm pregnant!!!  Just kidding, I would have to be out of my mind!!!  Our little family is moving to Florida for 6 months in October!!!  Taylor got a job with a company called Store-all and they have storage units all along the East coast. Taylor is getting trained on how their whole operation works, so that he can come back here, find properties along the West coast and expand Store-all!!  We are very excited for this opportunity and hope that it's a success!

That's all for now!