Friday, February 27, 2009

What's happening with the Barlows...

Well, these past two weeks have been totally great! I started intermediate two at school, which is chemical peels and micro deramabrasion. I am currently peeling from a pumpkin peel that I had earlier this week in which I broke out in hives, but since I am peeling, I am hoping for a fresh layer of skin to be revealed. I have gotten a hundred percent on both of the test I've taken so far, and I really love my teacher. Her name is Miss Rae and she is no Mama Lori, but she is in a league all her own, she is totally hilarious!

This week, we learned the pumpkin peel, the glycolic peel(glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and is good for oily/thick skin types) and the lactic peel(lactic acid is derived from sour milk and is a more hydrating chemical peel). Next week we will jump into the salicylic peel(salicylic acid is derived from aspirin) and we'll also learn peels with different enzymes; papain(papaya) and bromelain(pineapple), I'm hoping that I will fend better with the other enzymes then I did with the pumpkin.

Taylor is headed to his favorite place in the world tomorrow... READY??!?! Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, the answer is Driggs, Idaho. Taylor is in a need of a break from Arizona(which he totally hates) to go to the place the brings him the most happiness to snowboard, snowmobile and spend some quality time with his best friends. I am very excited for him to go and have some fun. I will be meeting up with his next Thursday to attend the wedding of two of our best friends(Congrats Tanner and Lindsay). It will be way fun to join up with all our closest friends whom we haven't seen since October.

Taylor's project is going really well. I will have to have him blog about it, because I don't think I will explain it correctly. He and his Sister Lauren have been in meetings all week getting things put together. They built a website today(I will post the link when it's fully up and running). They have been pleasantly surprised at how fast this project has progressed. I am really proud of both of them.

Well, that's all for now. There may be more posts shortly though since I will have more time with the hub being gone and all. Until next time...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun at school!!!

Shae Shae Cocoa butter and I doing the Lancettes pose with a little booty pop.

Three of the girls. This is Jamie, Sadie and Shaela doing the "Lancettes" pose. Lancettes is a name they came up with while playing a round of hang man for reveiw for a test and it sorta stuck. You extract papules and pustules (zits) with a Lancet, so that's where the name was derived from.

Totally passed out while receiving a back treatment...Thanks Natasha!

Here we are in all of our white glory with Mama Lori in the middle (white is seriously not my color)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Last day of Primary... Tear...

Today was my last day in primary, which is the first segment of Aesthetician school. I stay with the same group of eight girls; who the best ever by the way, but we had to say goodbye to Lori, or "Mama Lori" as we call her. She has been so nurturing and whipped our butts into shape at the same time, and we can still see her everyday, but we will be in a different class with a different teacher. I wish that we could have her for the whole time, because she has so much faith in all of us and drives us to succeed. Speaking of succeeding; with some serious reviews, we all got 100% on our final written exams today, which has NEVER happened since Lori has been a teacher. She has only had one girl ever get 100%on the written and all but one of us scored 90% on the practical exam and Shae got 100%. We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves to say the least.

Today ended on a fabulous note, we had a potluck and got to just sit and talk for the last hour of school. It was awesome!!! Next week, we start intermediate 2, which is micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels, it should be great. I am a little nervous to see how Miss Rae teaches, but I'm sure we'll all do a fabulous job!! I have no reason to doubt that so far based upon our grades!

Until next time...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

School is Fabulous!

School is going great, I have taken two tests so far and got 100% on both, I got 100% percent on all my assignments and I have an A in the practical which is the practice on my classmates!!! I know that I am bragging a bit, but I am so proud because I have been working my brains out!

We had our first round of models this week, which means real live clients that are friends or family to work on and they get the service for free. If any of you would like to take me up on it, then fly your butts down here in the next two weeks and you can have a free facial. Taylor was my client and he was such a trooper, because he totally hated it. I did a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, a facial massage with essential oils and a 2- layer mask on him with colloidal(super hydrating) and paraffin wax. It was so much fun and I had been getting discouraged earlier in the week because treatments were taking me almost two hours on my classmates and I was worrying that I wouldn't be able to condense it anymore and then I did Taylor's treatment in a hour and a half! It's a little stressful, because by the end of the this segment(February 13th) the treatments have to be one hour, so I'm hoping by the end of this week, I will have it down for our next set of models! Wish me luck with that...

I feel so blessed to have been led to go into the Aesthetics industry, because I really enjoy it and I am excelling in school because I love it so much. It talks about the importance of getting an education in my patriarchal blessing and how important it is for me to select an area of study that brings me happiness and this really does. I have been dying to go back to school since I withdrew from BYU-Idaho in 2007 where I was taking online classes. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to study, and since BYU-Idaho didn't have fashion design, I was at a loss, because I didn't want to just settle for something that wouldn't be employable in the future and end up with just a piece of paper after four years of school. I started looking into Aesthetics and it immediately seemed like a great match for me, because it was employable and there are a variety of things I can do with my license, so I'll never have to worry about being bored with my job, I can just move from a spa to a doctor's office or a dermatologist's office or go back to school and learn laser hair removal or permanent makeup; the sky is the limit!

Well anyway, that's my update for now until next week!!