Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nail Biter

I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember; something I picked up from my Daddy at a young age. I bite when I'm bored, when I'm mad, when I'm nervous or stressed and I have even had acrylics put on a few times and bit them off too... Yeah it's that bad. I know that it's incredibly unattractive and pretty gross, but I have never been able to stop other than for a few weeks before our wedding so that I could get a manicure.

Well, I am proud to say that I have NOT BITTEN MY NAILS FOR FOUR WEEKS!!!! I just randomly have NO desire to bite them at all!! I think it's pregnancy, but keeping them filed and painted has really helped and my HANDS ARE ACTUALLY PRETTY!!! Many of you know that I'm an esthetician, so I touch people's faces A LOT and I really thought that once I was licensed I would be super motivated to stop biting--NOPE! Anyway, I'm not afraid if my clients look at my hands now like I was before!!

To many of you this is no big deal, but those of you who bite your nails know that this is no small hurdle!

If it is pregnancy, THANK YOU ANSON!!! I just hope it continues once he's born.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kick Me


Today that's your name anyway unless you come out and you totally don't look like an Anson. I hope you like it because you have to live with the name for the rest of your life.

Just a few weeks ago, you woke me up kicking like crazy at 5:30 in the morning. You'll soon find out that your Mommy loves her sleep and in any other circumstance, I wouldn't have been very happy being awake at that hour but all I could do is smile and hold my belly and marvel at what a miracle it is that you are growing inside my body. I get a little worried when an entire day goes by and you haven't moved, because you're moving so much these days but I guess you just like your sleep like your Mom.

Your Daddy got to feel you kick for the very first time a couple of weeks ago, you kicked me nice and hard and your Daddy's eyes went wide. It was pretty special.

1/24/10 Daddy got to feel you kick again and then you put on a show for us and we could see you kick on the outside of my belly, it was pretty fun to watch. We know that you've just begun and that as you get bigger your movements will be far more pronounced. We're very excited and hope that you will keep growing healthy and strong.

Can't wait to meet you baby boy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Is it done yet!?

The framing begins!

The beginnings of the floor

The first wall on the new addition!

Isn't our closet pretty?!?!

The new hallway and stairwell

The trusses have arrived to support the new roof and the new roof is going up!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

We had so much FUN on New Years this year! We stopped in Idaho Falls on our way home from Arizona and spent the evening with our BEST FRIENDS (we missed Bobby, Brian, Spencer W, Brad, Monica, Tadd, Travis, Kristin, Kylie and Spencer T.). We hadn't seen some of them in almost TWO MONTHS, which was nuts because some of us used to get together a few times a month (stupid economy). We enjoyed FABULOUS appetizers, pizza and yummy homemade cupcakes!! We played some fun games and when we were just about out of steam, we counted down to the new year and toasted with some good 'ol CIDER!!

All the boys were wearing blue; how sweet (Mike and Andy are missing from this pic)

Here are the little ones (missing little Kennady and Makoy)

Tim and Carl wanted to cuddle

As you can see, we are all pretty much done for at a few minutes to midnight.

We had a GREAT time; thanks Mike and Bre for having all of us over!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful time in Arizona for Christmas this year! Can't beat 70 degrees and sunny! We enjoyed lots of shopping, watching movies, going to movies, temple lights, a hay ride and FABULOUS meals! We got to spend time with some our good friends who we haven't seen in ages and had lots of family time which was WONDERFUL!! Here are some pictures of our VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Thanks to our family for a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS!!!