Saturday, January 29, 2011


This is what that night stand of a Mom with a sick baby looks like.
101.6 temperature = trip to the pediatrician.
 wipe nose,
drain nose, 
take temperature,
I should feel lucky that we made it 8 months before Anson got sick for the first time and I do,
but that doesn't mean I wasn't sad for him.
So GLAD he's feeling better!

P.S. It also doesn't mean that I'm not exhausted from being up off and on all night for a week.
And so life goes on as it always does for a Mommy.

Now to just get rid of his rash once and for all!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bum thingy

Dear bum disease,

After 11 weeks of setting up shop on my Son's bottom, I would like you to go away.  You have caused quite a ruckus.  First we thought you were ringworm, then a yeast infection and then exyma.  I have used anti fungal cream, anti yeast cream, desatin, remond's clay (cloth diaper freindly), browned flour (home remedy) and hydro-cortisone and you are still not gone.  I had to take Anson to see two different pediatricians, I had to stop feeding him solids accept for oatmeal for a week to determine if it was food induced.  Now I'm just done and so is the pediatrician and it has been determined that your aren't going away because my Son has very sensitive skin and that no certain brand of diapers is going to conquer you.  So I've ordered a cloth diaper friendly cream, so that I can use my cloth diapers full time since you have also prevented me from doing that and I am going to suffocate you.  You have been invincible for almost 3 months and I'm here to say that you will not survive for long!  I am going to keep Anson's bum so covered in cream that you will have no choice, but to go away!!  Thank you and goodbye.

Mrs. Barlow

Anson: 8 months

So Anson will be 9 months in a week and a half.  That's not the point.  At least I'm updating right?!  Most of this month was eaten up by the holidays and most of the pictures were taken then.  Needless to say, I don't have a lot of them.

I had to stop nursing Anson shortly after Christmas, because my milk was drying up.  It was sad and now I really know what other Moms meant when they say they miss it.  It's something that's hard to comprehend until you experience it.  On the plus side though, ANSON IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!  He goes to bed at 8:30, eats at 11 and then sleeps until 7:30 (Hallelujah)!!!!! It's really been fabulous and he is so much happier (if that is even possible).

Anson is a whopping 16lbs!! He is happiest when he wakes up in the morning and from naps.  He still loves to play on the floor, especially with all of his new toys!  He loves his keys that make car noises, his squeezable, chewable rubber blocks (who wouldn't love those?), his stack and roll cups and all the necklaces that we kept from the new years celebration!  He still loves to cuddle (thank heaven) and he loves anything to do with kisses.  We kiss him or blow kisses or have one of his stuffed animals give him a kiss and he always smiles or laughs.  It's the sweetest thing!

Dear Anson,

It's been a big month kiddo and you have been such a good boy and so easy going with all the Christmas parties and celebrations and vacations.  Thank you!  It was so fun to take you to Orlando to play with your Aunty Lisa and then to take you to Portland to see your Grandparents and all of your cousins.  I loved taking you to see Santa for the first time, you were so good and not even a little bit scared of him!  It will be fun to create new traditions with you as you get older.

 Your first Christmas was a blast, your Daddy and I were so excited and although you weren't sure what was going on, you looked surprising excited each time you opened a new gift.  We loved reading the Christmas story with on Christmas Eve and can't wait for what the future will bring in Christmases to come!

 While you love to snuggle and you're super easy going, you have a mind that's all your own.  You totally know how to hold your bottle and these pictures prove it, but this was the one and only time you actually did.  You refuse to do it, because you just don't want to.  Just because you have a skill, doesn't mean you have to use it right?!?  You're already doing a great job at being a boy.  Secretly though, Mommy loves that I can still hold your bottle for you, because it gives us a chance to snuggle and bond and take a break from the craziness of the day. 

Your new found mobility invigorates you!  You love that you can get anywhere you want to go just by rolling or scooting to it.  I can already tell that you are going to get into some mischief when you start crawling and that you are going to give Mommy and Daddy a run for our money.

You can sit up totally unsupported without any supervision now.  Of course you still tumble from time to time, but that's only when you try to grab something at an awkward angle.  

You are the king as far as little kids and stores are concerned, I know that you're still young and that meltdowns could (will) be in your future, but for now you are always mellow and content to people watch the day away.  Speaking of people watching, you love to flirt.  You use those big blue eyes and smile to your advantage.

You started babbling this month, you temporarily started waving to yourself and you discovered your ability to scream (thanks Dad for teaching me). I enjoyed blasting, singing and dancing to Christmas music with you all month long.  You love being read to and I try to read to you each day and thanks to Aunt Lauren, Natalie, Papa and Grandma Barlow and Aunt Lisa, you have piles of books to read!  

Thank you for being you Anson, you light up our lives and our hearts are bursting with love for you.  Thank you for being content to ride along anywhere and everywhere whether in planes or automobiles, you are so laid back and that makes Mommy and Daddy's life much easier.  Thank you for loving us and thank you for being the sweetest!  We love you Dude!!

Love, Daddy & Mommy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

I spent the morning and on into the afternoon with Lisa and Kristi (Taylor's boss Jeff's daughters) making desserts for the party that evening.  We made eclairs, cupcakes with edible gold stars, coconut macaroons and mini pecan tarts.  It was such a fun afternoon, I absolutely LOVE the girls!

News years was a party and a half!  We went over to Jeff and Pattie's and when they said heavy appetizers, they meant enough to feed you dinner!  We kind of regretted going to Chipotle beforehand with Brian and Brittany.  Man, do the Anderson's know how to party!  There were all sorts of New Years hats, gold, silver and flashing necklaces, poppers, balloons and party whistles!  It was fun evening!

This is my new bff Britt.  We clicked instantly and I love, love, love her!

Here's Taylor and I with Kristi, Lisa and Britt!  We all get along so well and I am grateful for each and every friendship that we've have made here!

We stayed at Jeff and Pattie's until 1:30 a.m. and what does that spell?  EXHAUSTED! We were up until 3a.m. once we got all settled at home.  Taylor and I are just not cut out for being up that late anymore--man we're old!  Also, Anson is not pictured because we brought his pak n' play and he slept the ENTIRE night, so we basically had a night off (insert hallelujah chorus here). 

Happy 2011!!!  Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC year!!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Okay, so I'm a little behind--what of it?!

I was more than a little sad that we couldn't spend Christmas with my family and that we would spending it alone.  The family that Taylor works for have quite literally welcomed us like family with arms open wide and ready to do anything they can for us.  Even invite us to their intimate family gathering at a fabulous restaurant called Cafe Maxx on Christmas Eve, followed by a big Turkey dinner on Christmas Day.  So much for being alone eh?  Quite far from it--we had a great holiday and feel very comfortable here in Florida and with our new family.  They have been so great to us and they are the reason that it will be bitter/sweet when we move back to Idaho.

Christmas Eve

  Here we are at Cafe Maxx.  It was fun to get all dressed up.  The food was DELICIOUS to say the least.  I have never had such a delicious meal while dining out before in my life! We both started with a salad and then for our entree I had peppercorn fillet mignon with scalloped potatoes and Taylor had sweet onion red snapper.  For desert I had Chocolate souffle with ice cream, which was to die for!! Needless to say, I was glad I was wearing an a-line dress, because I felt like I was going to explode after that meal!  Taylor passed on dessert, so he was in way better shape.

Here is John already taking on the role of Uncle quite well by giving Anson rock candy.  Anson LOVED it!

Here is Anson with Grandma Pattie.  Anson was seriously the life of the party, everyone was so happy to have him there.  It's fun to have everyone argue over who gets to hold him next, they just love him to pieces!

Christmas Day

Santa Came!!!!!!!

Before we opened presents, I made us a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs with onions, bacon and pancakes fried in bacon grease.  It was divine!

Anson was SPOILED, SPOILED, SPOILED!!  A few items are even missing from this photo--WOW! Thank you everyone!!!
 Taylor and I were spoiled as well.  We got anything and everything we needed and wanted.  Thanks to all!!

After presents and getting ready, we headed over to Brian and Brittany's house (Taylor's boss Larry's son and Daughter in-law and my new bff)  for more gift exchanging.  
Then it was on to Jeff and Pattie's house for dinner and yes, more gift exchanging!   It was oh so fun!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here is Anson with Lisa and Bo (Jeff's Daughter and Son In-law), again with Grandma Pattie and then Kristi and I.  It was a great couple of days and we are so grateful for the warmth and love we have received!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An early Christmas gift. ♥

It was my family's year for Christmas and because of Taylor's job, we couldn't go. :-(
So my Parents flew Anson and I home for a week to have an early Christmas!  It was a week full of fun--crafts, birthdays and just being together!!  It was just what the doctor ordered to cure my Melancholy!
It rained a lot, but what is Oregon without rain?  I loved it!  Here are some of the highlights from our trip:

Anson was of course, loved and cuddled by all!

I got in touch with my crafty side (which NEVER happens) and decided to call this a homemade Christmas!  I made a Christmas note tree for Taylor's Sister Natalie and her family (similar to the one pictured), I made an Apron for my Sissy pants and I made a photo calender for my parents!  I am proud to say that I sewed every bit of these projects (aside form the photo calender cause we all know that isn't possible), which is kind of a big deal!  I'm rather proud of my work!  And as is the classic Celestial way, I gave all our Christmas gifts early because I just HAD to see the looks on everyone's faces!!

We had family photos taken (it has been 7 years and my Mom just couldn't wait anymore)--Taylor was missed!  It poured the entire time.  And what cures a  group of people after freezing to death and getting wet? 

A big family dinner of course!  My Parents put on an early Christmas Eve dinner with all the trimmings just because Anson and I were in town and they didn't want us to miss out!  Thanks Daddy and Mama!!

 And what's a Poulsen family gathering without a soda run?  It's not one!  So here's a pic of my B (Brother Travis) and I on the said soda run! 

 Followed by a big Birthday bash for the one and only Chaney Nicole who turned 7!

And here's a little smattering of cuteness, just for good measure!  

The end!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Party in the U.S.A.

My SISSY PANTS and BEST FRIEND came to visit us and we had the most dance party packed, fun filled & spazzy 3 1/2 days ever!!  Who is my Sissy Pants you ask?  Only the prettiest, funnest, most amazing woman on the Planet: MY SISTER LISA!!  A brief history: Lisa is married to my Brother Jason, but she has been in my life since I was 11 and so I figure after 14 years, the in-law gets canceled out.  So therefore, she is my Sister. 

When Lisa walked through the door, we had a little spaz of excitement session, followed by a dance party on our way to walmart.  When we got home, we had a really fun time making fun of the swishy pants suit that her Aunt gave her (she visited her Aunt, Uncle and Grandma in Melbourne, FL before she came to my house).  I know that you know what kind of suit I'm talking about, the kind that was popular in 1990 maybe?  Well, I proceeded to put it on and swish around our one bedroom apartment as fast as I could and well, we almost peed from laughing so hard.  My husband of course was looking at me like I was nuts (curmudgeon). This was just the first night mind you and it was already supercalafragelisticexpealladocious!

Saturday: Yellowgreen Farmer's Market for fun and food, followed by the mall where 100 ornaments were purchased for $15 (whoop, whoop), then off to the grocery store to get a gingerbread house, followed by going out to dinner, building our gingerbread house and to end our day, we watched Eclipse. 

I will tell the rest of the story with pictures, because they are more fun than words...
 "Flosser pose" at the Yellowgreen Farmer's Market.  Yep, we were in public and all the people were pretty jealous that they couldn't be as awesome as we are.  We all have to dig food out of our teeth once in a while, so why not be fabulous while doing it?

Bestie Lovin.

Dinner at the Keylime house--the food was mediocre at best, but the keylime pie was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

The gingerbread house of horror.  When all else fails, just make a wall of frosting and start chucking your candy at it.

Sunday: took our sweet time getting ready for the day and then drove to Orlando separately because Lisa accidentally booked the rental car in Boca Raton (town 5 minutes away from me)...WHOOPS!!  Fast forward 3 hours at 90 miles an hour later, we're there!!!  We stayed at Lisa's Dad's  BEAUTIFUL condo, but before there was bed, there was Wendy's and Downtown Disney! 

But first: the swishy pants!

Goofy's Candy Co:  one outrageously delicious carmel/milk chocolate/almond covered/dark chocolate drizzled apple purchased.  Done and done!!
Also at Goofy's Candy Co.  The most hilarious funhouse mirror ever created.  When I grow up, I want one of these in my house!!

 Monday:  the goal was to eat anything and everything delicious in sight and to take as many awesome pictures as possible and we totally accomplished that! Plus we had a good ol' time at the Disney resorts and again at Downtown Disney!
Let the MAGIC BEGIN!!!!

If you call catching a turd or giving a bum squeeze magic, then whatever.  We do.

First stop: a life size gingerbread house inside the Victorian Resort.  Yep it's all edible and smells delicious!

Following the Gingerbread house, we went to get a dole whip which is whipped pineapple and vanilla soft serve at the Polynesian Resort.  Anson approved.   
Then we went to Downtown Disney where I bought Anson's stocking and his first ornament!!  Afterward, we went around taking pictures of everything in sight and stopped for an amazing dinner (which we shared) at the Dinosaur Cafe. 

Our last stop of the day was at the Beaches Resort.  This is a life size carousel made of gingerbread.  All the horses are made of white and milk chocolate. 

To end our day of engorgement, we had the world's best banana split at Beaches and Cream!!!  And yes we ate it all and we didn't even feel sick, nor did we feel bad about it.

 Side note: we were wearing all of layers because it was stinking FREEZING and when we checked the weather report in Oregon which is where we were headed next, Oregon was warmer!!  I'm not even talking just a little chilly, it was jaw chattering cold.  The wind was BITTER!  Orlando in NOT supposed to be that cold.  Thank heaven I brought scarfs and hats or we would have been in trouble!

  All in all, it was SUPEREST weekend ever!!

Love you Sissy Face!!