Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bum thingy

Dear bum disease,

After 11 weeks of setting up shop on my Son's bottom, I would like you to go away.  You have caused quite a ruckus.  First we thought you were ringworm, then a yeast infection and then exyma.  I have used anti fungal cream, anti yeast cream, desatin, remond's clay (cloth diaper freindly), browned flour (home remedy) and hydro-cortisone and you are still not gone.  I had to take Anson to see two different pediatricians, I had to stop feeding him solids accept for oatmeal for a week to determine if it was food induced.  Now I'm just done and so is the pediatrician and it has been determined that your aren't going away because my Son has very sensitive skin and that no certain brand of diapers is going to conquer you.  So I've ordered a cloth diaper friendly cream, so that I can use my cloth diapers full time since you have also prevented me from doing that and I am going to suffocate you.  You have been invincible for almost 3 months and I'm here to say that you will not survive for long!  I am going to keep Anson's bum so covered in cream that you will have no choice, but to go away!!  Thank you and goodbye.

Mrs. Barlow


Brian and Bobbie said...

Poor boy, I hope it gets better soon. I don't know if your having problems with wet bum making it worse, if so corn starch helps keep his bum dry and it might help clear it up. Good luck mommy, I'm sure it will clear up soon!

The Barlows said...

Thanks Bobbo! You are the best!! I will give that a try! Miss you!