Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was super low-key this year.  Our sweet little man had a fever of 103, so his Daddy stayed home with him while I went to sacrament meeting.  Our cute new friends Tyler and Carly Crosland (read their adorable blog here) spoke in church about the Resurrection of our Savior and the primary children sang a beautiful musical number.  It was a wonderful service.

While our little one was sick, we did have a fantastic Easter and what made it even better?!?  We got to spend it with Grandma and Papa Barlow!  We had a wonderful dinner with the Barlos as well as some our good friends and Cousin Bryan. Of course, G and P Barlow spoiled the heck out of Anson.  He got a really fun Cars themed downhill race track, which he loves so much.  I also got spoiled and got a beautiful shirt and sweater! Thanks Mom and Dad Barlow for making our Easter special by being here with us!

Our friend Carl was in town and I had a blast putting together Easter baskets for Taylor, Anson, Carl and myself.  With the help of My Sister in-law Natalie, we printed some adorable photos of the Grand kids out and put them in a frame for G and P Barlow to brighten up their ND apartment.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

23rd Month

It's hard to believe that in four short weeks our little baby will be 2.  I sort of hate it, because I know that before we know it, he'll be driving, going out on dates and slamming the door in my face while yelling "I hate you!" Okay, deeps breaths...he's only going to be 2.  And believe me, he's already adopted the sass of a 2 year old.

This month has been loads of fun!  We went to AZ, we've been going for walks, playing on Papa and Grandma's patio, going to story time at Barnes and noble, followed by fun at the play place in the mall, having dance parties, giving kisses through Anson's crib slats, eating donuts for breakfast and laughing all the while!

This morning at breakfast, he started playing peek-a-boo with the table cloth.

Here's our cutie acting more grown up than he should and doing his first chore!!  He loves to unload silverware, so I thought it would be a good idea to put that energy to good use.

This kid LOVES to look at himself in the mirror, I even catch him watching himself cry when I take him in the bathroom to wipe his nose if he gets hurt or is being naughty.

His latest fave is to take his changing mat out and lay on it and when I say "goodnight," he closes his eyes to pretend like he's sleeping.  It's the cutest and makes me laugh.  First it was hats, and now it's dress up with Mommy's shoes...too funny!

Happy 23 months sweet, sweet boy!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Power wheel rides and slides

Anson and I got to go to Arizona for a week and be with our family. We had fabulous company, namely: Grandma, Aunties, Uncle, Cousins and Great Grandparents (Taylor and his Dad sadly couldn't take time off from work to come). Our vacation went something like this: race with Aunt Lauren and cousins Bailey, Claire and Hazel, go to the park, take a wagon ride around the neighborhood, ride in the pink power wheel, pick citrus off Grandma's trees, repeat.

It was so wonderful to be in AZ, where the sun was shining and we could do nothing but hang outside all day long. Anson loved it!  He loved spending time with our family, but mostly he loved playing with his cousins everyday. We  had a fun family dinner out the day we landed and some yummy family meals at home and we ate almost all of them outside! Natalie took me to a bread store where we bought delicious organic bread for only $1. We got a Hawaiian bread that we made french toast with one morning and boy, was it yummy! We enjoyed a picnic at the Riparian Preserve, where we got to hang with Great G and G Barlow and the sweetest part of all was that Anson warmed right up to his Grampy and gave him lots of loves and these days, he takes a while to warm up to everyone.

Grandma (Tay's Mom) was the sweetest and let me have lots of time to myself and I got to go on lunch dates with my old college roommate and dear friend Bren and I also got to spend the day with my friend Erin from Aesthetics school. Taylor's dear friend Matt got married, as well as his Cousin Tyler, so we got to go to their receptions while we were there.

We played our hearts out and had a grand time and can't wait to visit again!!