Thursday, March 22, 2012


Before (and yes those are my shoes)
This sweet boy got a haircut for the second time in his life last week and it didn't go so well.  He had to sit on my lap and and I had to hold his head while the stylist cut.  Taylor and I have wanted to grow his hair out and what's the first thing the stylist does?  She chops his bangs so short that I have no other choice than to cut all of his hair super short

While he looks super cute, don't get too close.  His hair got butchered and I don't blame the stylist for that, because he was screaming and convulsing and who could cut hair evenly working with a client like that?  No one.  I am sad that his long locks are gone, so thank goodness hair grows!  Now I know to tell the stylist to cut the back first!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'll take a bologna sandwich with a side of bologna please

So, I know that you can't get a more processed meat than bologna and trust me, I like to keep eating on the more natural side.  I just can't let go of bologna though, it's so delicious!  So gross, I know, but I think I'm fine with it. I'll call it one of my more disgusting food choices, but it's disgustingly good and I don't even mind eating it plain out of the package.  In fact, I did that on the way home from the store one day when I had a hankering for it and it was so worth it!  Yum...bologna.

Friday, March 9, 2012

My main man is 22 months!

This guy is so animated and fun.  He is 2 months shy of being a big 2 year old and we can hardly believe it!  He's definitely got the attitude to prove it, complete with fake pouts.  

Faves from this month:

1. Anson points to his eyes, ears, mouth, nose and toes.  In this video, he blinks his eyes to show me where they are, says nose and points to his mouth.

2. Each and every time he wakes up from his nap, he says car which is his way of asking me to put him up in the window to watch the traffic go past our apartment.

3. He and his Daddy were the best Valentines Day dates.  We had heart-shaped pizza on red plates and exchanged cards and candy.  

4. He had is very first oreo and he loved it, but who doesn't like oreos?!
5. We got to go to Fertilie, MN again for a couple nights and play with Palmer, Dexter, Alicia and Garth
6. We took a fabulous 10 day trip home to Idaho and loved every minute of it!
7. Anson's new signs are hurt, diaper change and light.  His new words are poop, door, choo choo, nose, shoes, coat, cheese, show, color and kick (as in kick the ball). He also says hi Dad and hi Mama. 
8. We discovered story time at Barnes & Noble on Tuesdays.
9. In an attempt to help with his picky eating, I had him help me prepare sweet potatoes for dinner one night and showed him how to push a chair up to the counter, so now playing at the counter is a daily event.
10. Anson LOVES to help put dish washer tabs in the dishwasher, close the dishwasher while I'm in the middle of loading or unloading it and close the washer door while I'm doing laundry.
11. We love to wrestle, chase each other and play hide and seek.
12.  He totally thinks when his eyes close, that he disappears, because he opens them up wide and says boo! 
13. He has a smile and giggle that is enough to break anyone's heart right in half.
14. Anson still loves to dance, but he's steadily getting shy about it. The song has have just the right beat. I sure hope he doesn't loose those moves of his!
15. My most favorite for the month is that after his nightly song when I put him to bed, we blow kisses at each other until I'm all the way out the door.  It's so, so cute.

Happy 22 months to our Angel.  Though at times, he's anything but angelic, we love every minute of raising him and we're grateful to be him Parents through the good and bad times. Did I mention that he gives the greatest kisses and hugs ever?  Cause he does and we live for them! Love you baby boy!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Call us what you will.

Be it Sister Wives or Lipstick Lesbians, we're gonna be matching necklace wearin', dance partyin', off pitch singin', inappropriate jokin'  best friends til the end!

Anson and I got to spend two full weeks with my dear Friend Alicia and her family in Minnesota in January!  You're wondering how the heck I made a friend in Minnesota right?!  Well, Alicia is actually from Teton Valley just like me, but she moves her family to Fertile, MN every winter while Her Husband Garth races Snowcross (yes, I know a famous person) and now that we have moved to North Dakota, we're only 4 hours away from each other!  Three cheers for having a friend so close by!

We had so, so much fun doing all of the above mentioned things as well as making bread, yogurt and so many delicious meals.  We also went shopping and I got Alicia all sorts of addicted to GLEE!  We watched lots of movies, played outside (when it wasn't frigid), read books and laughed all the while.  As the pictures clearly show, the boys had a blast playing together--Anson, thinks Palmer and Dexter are the greatest!  It was great trip!