Thursday, March 22, 2012


Before (and yes those are my shoes)
This sweet boy got a haircut for the second time in his life last week and it didn't go so well.  He had to sit on my lap and and I had to hold his head while the stylist cut.  Taylor and I have wanted to grow his hair out and what's the first thing the stylist does?  She chops his bangs so short that I have no other choice than to cut all of his hair super short

While he looks super cute, don't get too close.  His hair got butchered and I don't blame the stylist for that, because he was screaming and convulsing and who could cut hair evenly working with a client like that?  No one.  I am sad that his long locks are gone, so thank goodness hair grows!  Now I know to tell the stylist to cut the back first!!


Monica said...

My nephew is the cutest! And we love the haircut! Miss you and love you! :)

The Barlows said...

Thanks Sissy! We miss you all so, so much!!!