Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our House = LOVE

You have to use your imaginations when you look at these photos, especially because I'm not the best photographer and they are taken at strange angles!

For the most part, this is the current state of the exterior of our house, but the roof trusses (supports) have been added onto the entry way and the roof is going on today!!

Our living room and entry is a huge space and getting a shot of the whole thing just isn't going to happen.

I am so excited about the master bedroom and bath-- we have added a lot of square footage and they will be so beautiful when they are done. I never took a picture of the old hallway, but it was tiny and now it's huge and I love it, especially because it has the original oak wood floor. The nursery is a pretty basic bedroom, but it's still fun to see it come together!

We get windows and some of the doors next week! We will also be ordering the front door and the exterior siding!!! Plumbing and electricity will start going in this month as well!!!

That's the end, more pictures to come!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happiness is in the simple things

Like a candle light dinner of Tomato Basil soup with ricotta dumplings (soft enough for my hub's healing tonsils to handle)and a card

And a heart-shaped desert. We won't talk about the fact that there was too much dough in this pan and it didn't cook all the way through and that when I tried to cook it longer, the cheap heart pan I bought cracked and leaked grease all over the bottom of the oven and made the smoke alarm go off. We also won't talk about the fact that I put the oven on a cleaning cycle afterward and nearly suffocated both of us...Oh well, just making memories right? It was a fabulous Valentines day anyway and it made us laugh!

I love my hub!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taylor's two months from Hell...

My poor, poor baby had had a awful two weeks; he started last Tuesday with a fever of 102, body aches, a cough and very sore chest. He went to the doctor on Wednesday and he had an upper respiratory infection; poor guy, I felt so bad for him and had a really hard time sleeping because I was so worried about his fever. The doc gave him an anti-biotic and cough syrup with codeine, so he was out all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you know Taylor at all, you know that he has a very hard time being stuck in the house, but his body just couldn't handle much so he didn't have a choice. Thankfully, I was able to get his fever down with Tylenol in 24 hours. Being so sick also meant not being able to help the carpenter work on our house, which really stresses him out, but thankfully we have a great guy on the job and he is getting things handled just fine without him.

Taylor was diagnosed with chronic mono a few weeks prior to getting the infection, which we found out is tied to some tonsil problems he's been having. Taylor's tonsils were actual pits, where some gross white chunks hang out which are chunks of food that have been attacked by white blood cells--pretty gross eh? Taylor has been having these tonsil issues for about a year and we found out about two weeks ago that he needed them removed or the problem would progress and recovery time would only be worse and his his health would decline. So after mono and a respiratory infection, he had to have surgery on Monday to get his tonsils removed... It makes me so sad for him, but other than being really drugged up and in and out of sleep, he is doing really well. I have been trying to be the ultimate nurse and never let his pain rise beyond a certain level, administering his four different medications, feeding him and tending to his every need. I just love him so much and really enjoy taking care of him.

Even though this next week will be rough, I am so grateful that Taylor will be back to optimal health soon!

Super Bowl Sunday

The boys always come up with something random to do when they are together; they had a great time!

Notice Taylor and I are not pictured with the other couples, because he was being a butthead and wouldn't snap a picture with me. Oh well, our friends are pretty cute.

We had a fabulous time on Super bowl Sunday over at Carl and Audrey's house! It was fun to hang out with friends and enjoy some fabulous food--of course I ate way too much which is to be expected at a potluck, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!! I can't say that I watched much of the game and Taylor really didn't either, but it was a good excuse to get together.

Monday, February 8, 2010

We sort of love you...

I was feeling bad for our Addy this past Saturday, because she has been stuck in the house for a week (explanation in a post to come) and so I took her to the park to play with her. Labs and fetching is the funniest thing to watch! OH MAN OUR DOG IS CUTE, I had to run back to the house to get our camera to show her off!!

She looks like a deer when she hops through the snow to fetch her stick...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

We just love her... Well, sort of. HAH!