Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anson the DESTROYER!

Yep, Anson is a definitely a boy.  Utter destruction comes to anything in his path...Observe:

Anson decided that it would be a good idea to use the lamp as a prop to keep him steady while standing.  Didn't really work out.

The smile says it all. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Show off

That's right, Anson can reach the t.v. button and proceeds to turn it on and off all day.  Mostly he likes it on.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

What would a holiday be without a party with the Andersen's?!?  It's a Stor-all tradition on St. Patty's Day to close the office early and go to a local pub called Halloways in Boca Raton to celebrate. There were of course lots of necklaces and hats, corn beef and cabbage, corn beef sandwiches and Shepard's pie! While everyone drank green beer, Taylor and I had some green sprite.  It was a super fun way to celebrate our Irish heritage!

 Traditional Irish Dancers wearing costumes made in Ireland.  Their legs have to be in super good shape from all the river dancing, because my legs hurt just watching them.

  Hangin with Brian, Britt, Jack, Kristi and Lisa.

Anson as Leprechaun Sam and Leprechaun Sue!
Loves from Grandma Pattie.

The Barlows

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Hope you didn't get pinched for not wearing green!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


 I think the theory that we women have Motherly instincts in a bunch of bull, because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING half the time.  I'm just blindly doing what I think is right and hoping for the best.  Poor, poor Anson, he is paving the way for his future siblings.  Maybe I'll have it down by the second or third child... I can only hope.  Why do you think that every Mom parents differently?  Why does every Mom have a different opinion and think hers is  the right one?  The answer is that we are just doing the best we can and we have hope that what has worked for us will work for others, but that's usually not the case.  I have close friends and family whom I trust though, thank goodness, otherwise I may not have survived the first week!

Then there are the books and the research which changes or updates EVERY SECOND to make our journey as Mothers even MORE confusing and that make us feel like we're dumb for not parenting that way or this way.  Sometimes, people that do the research or write the books aren't even parents.  HAH!  Do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself will ya!?  That's the thing though, if we don't have books or research, we have nothing to use as a reference, so maybe we should have those things.  It does make the process of Motherhood difficult at times because there are so many options, but it really can help too.

And as if it couldn't get harder, every SINGLE pediatrician out there has a different opinion, trust me I've been to 3 in that last 10 and 1/2 months and I assure you that I have liked them or disliked them for different reasons.  Didn't they all learn the same thing at school?!  I guess just find one you like and hang on to them for dear life.  Thank goodness I found one here in FL that I LOVE and I have one in Idaho that's WONDERFUL as well.

At any rate, some days I feel like I'm a great Mom and others I feel like I'm terrible, like when I get mad or frustrated or when I've had no sleep so I loose my patience easily.  I can only hope that I do right by Anson and that he grows into a responsible member of society.

That's all.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anson: 10 Months

It's been yet another month of growth and milestones for our little man.  He sure brings us a lot of joy!  Just two more months and he will be a year old.  I really never believed people when they told me that time flies with children until now!  He really is the best and I couldn't imagine our lives without him. 

Anson Pants,
You have a become a little man with some major personality and nothing makes you happier than crawling and playing on the floor.  You are still on the path to discover and taste everything in sight; whether it's leafs that come in from outside, Addy's collar and leash or Daddy and Mommy's shoes (yuck), nothing seems to taste gross so far.  You love to play independently most of the time, but you are always game for Mom or Dad to crawl around the floor with you.  You love to go for walks and torment Addy, you also love reading books, but only when you're just tired enough to sit still.  Your favorite book is "Doggies" by Sandra Boynton, it's one that your Aunty Lauren got you for Christmas (Thank you). 

You have sampled all kinds of new snacks this month and graham crackers are your favorite!  You also like cantaloupe and bananas.  You get really frustrated when you have fruit on your tray because it slips around everywhere, so sometimes you just give up on using your hands and do this:


You fell asleep in your booster seat for the first time and thankfully I had the camera and was able to catch this adorable and hilarious moment. 

 You are quite thrilled with yourself that you can fake cough and you think it's the greatest when Mommy does it back.

You are cruising along the furniture and that means knocking anything down that Mommy or Daddy leave within your reach.  You have two teeth now and you love you show them off.  When you got your first tooth, you refused to even let us get a good look at it and now you are flashing those pearly whites any chance you get.

You LOVE to dance to anything musical even it's just a beat that Mommy is drumming on the table and it's pretty much the cutest ever, but let's face it, Mommy and Daddy think everything you do it the cutest!  Anson, Anson, Anson!  Anson Machine (this is my version of Jackson 5's Dancing Machine).

We love you buddy, you are getting more and more fun by the day, keep the laughs coming!

, Daddy & Mommy