Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in North Dakota 2011

We just moved this month to Minot North Dakota.  Doesn't that sound fun?  Don't you just want to pack up and move here yourself?!  It's FREEZING, but Minot really isn't that bad.  I will say that it's full of a bunch of Scrooges, because we called EVERYWHERE to try and volunteer on Christmas Eve and Day and no one would even let us come sing Carols!  BOO!!

We weren't exactly motivated  to get a tree up after all the unpacking and I felt so lame and sad.  Our friend Spencer saved the day and got a free tree, gold garland, some ornaments, a tree stand and tree skirt for $2.50 at the thrift store!!  Way to save the day Spencer!  He was pretty proud of himself.  He topped it off by making a star out of foil. I think it made us all feel a bit more cheerful.

Our Holiday was pretty basic, but we had a good time and who says it needs to be fancy?  Spencer helped me cook a big Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and it was just delicious!  We played Jenga, built a gingerbread house (Spencer and I did anyway), drank eggnog, watched lots of Christmas movies (mainly Polar Express) and had a big Christmas breakfast. We even hung our stockings up on a broom and set it on stools like I did growing up.  We can't forget that Anson had a colorful sweater vest to wear on both days--what a stud!

We opened one gift up on Christmas Eve and though Anson wasn't sure why he was all of the sudden allowed to rip paper, he wasn't asking questions!

Anson was spoiled by all of course and Taylor, Spencer and I ended the day content as can be with gifts a plenty.  Thanks to all! We missed our families very much, but all in all, it was a great Christmas!!