Thursday, October 28, 2010

Portland-land of my birth

Anson and I had the chance to go to Portland and visit my family for a week back in September and it was SOOO FUN!  This was Anson's first time on an airplane and he was a dream!!  He fell asleep during the decent into Portland, so if his ears hurt him at all, I didn't know because he didn't make a peep!  I was super grateful because mine were killing me!

Anson hadn't met any of his Uncles, Aunts or his Cousins yet and so naturally I was super excited!  I had a blast introducing him to everyone and I have to say that I really enjoy watching people gush about how cute he is because I think he is the cutest kid on the planet!  It was a pretty low key trip-- we hung out at home and with the family mostly(which is the best thing ever), hung out with a few of my friends, went to lunch and dinner a few times and went shopping.

I didn't get much sleep, so I took quite a few naps when I could get Anson to sleep.  It was unusually hot and humid while we were there and because Anson is a hot box when he sleeps like his Mommy, he didn't sleep much.  It wasn't until the end of the week that I figured out that the swaddler was to blame and going through a growth spurt which made him extra hungry.  So, even with all the craziness of traveling, I decided to introduce Anson to rice cereal.  He did super well!

Here are some pictures from the trip!

These were taken right before he fell asleep in my arms.

My Daddy helped me give Anson a bath in the sink.  Also, he has a chopper(pictured)  and couldn't resist putting his Grandson on it!  He sure is a proud Grandpa and it's the sweetest!

Here I am with Ry and Anson.  Ry is the second to youngest Grand baby in the family and he is not so little anymore.  Crazy how time flies!  Ry- you are such a miracle!!

Thanks so for a great trip everyone and for loving my little guy so much!!  Love you guys!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anson: 5 Months

Way behind the times once again.  This time I have an accuse though...  Anson and I traveled to Portland (post to come), packed up a small amount of our things and Taylor drove to Florida where we are living for 6 months, Anson and I traveled with Taylor's family to Southern California (post to come) and then we joined Taylor in Florida about a week and a half ago.  Anson will be 6 months next week, but at least that post will be on time!

Dear Anson,

So many new things have taken place this month and you are getting to be more and more fun by the minute!  I introduced you to rice cereal, you went on a plane for the very first time and you were a trooper I might add, you are babbling more than ever (you love to hear your own voice), you are reaching for things that are in your line of vision and smiling more all the time.  We can't get enough of your little dimples and your sweet giggle! 

We love to take silly pictures of you and you are quite a ham, so it's not very hard to catch you at hilarious moments!

You LOVE the bath and splashing.  It's as though every time your feet crash in the water it startles you and gets you even more excited resulting in more crazy fun splashing!

You have decided that the blow dryer is terrifying and as these photos show, you just got madder and madder that longer I kept it on.  So, what's your Mommy to do?  Of course I turned it off and gave you lots of cuddles and kisses.  I hate when your sad, scared or hurt and I always want to be there to make you feel better!

Daddy and Mommy got you a new toy this month.  You love your new play mat--you love playing with the toys that hang above you and the song it plays and you love to stare at yourself in the mirror.  Your hand-eye coordination has improved so much since we got you this toy, it's fun to watch you reach out for things.  You're growing up so fast!


I always mention how much you love your Daddy, because you do and the way your face lights up when you see him makes my heart skip a beat.  Now that you are reaching for things, you especially love to reach out for your Daddy's face when he holds you and feel his beard (when he had one).

You have officially turned into a little boy.  You no longer look like a newborn baby, your eyes are getting brighter and bluer like your Daddy's, you are so excited about every new thing you see and you love to take it all in with that intent stare that everyone loves so much.  We can't get enough of your love and cuddles and we want you to know how precious you are and how much we love you now and always!!

Love, Daddy and Mommy