Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ultrasound, waistline, blankets, cloth diapers and burp cloths!

Thanks to Taylor's older Sister Natalie, WE WERE ARE ABLE TO GET AN EARLY ULTRA SOUND!!!!! We're having a...


Taylor and I are VERY excited!! He is developing perfectly from his brain right down to his little hands and feet. It was very fun to see him, because until he recently started moving, I haven't even known he's there. It was so surreal to sit and think that a HUMAN LIFE is growing in my belly--what a magical thing. For my Parents, our little guy will be their 10th Grandson, but for the Barlows, he is their FIRST GRANDSON! His name will either be Anson Call Barlow or Ezra (still working on a middle name. Special thanks to Natalie for giving us the best Christmas gift EVER!!

Well, up until two weeks ago, if you looked at me, you'd have no clue that I'm pregnant, but slowly as our little guy grows my belly is starting to stick out quite a bit more. I can't say that this has been easy for me, it makes our little boy coming seem so much more real, but it's hard to watch my body change. I feel so selfish saying that, but I know it will be worth it in the end when I hold my Son for the first time. Our little one has started swallowing amniotic fluid to prepare his digestive system for eating when he's born, but he is also starting to taste everything I'm eating. It's interesting and a little trying, because this gal craves some good 'ol caffeine now and again, but there will be no more of that, because I don't want to cause any complications or addict my son to a substance or cause problems for him in the future.

Cloth Diapers:

Taylor and I have decided a put our little guy in cloth diapers!! We are very excited, because not only have cloth diapers come a long way, but we will save thousands of dollars! The average person if they go to walmart and buy a package of huggies spend around $800 to $1000 per year for one child, so that averages out to be around $2500 per child depending on when they start potty training. With Cloth diapering, it's expensive to start, because you'll want to try out several brands to decide which ones you like best and you need to buy about 20 diapers total. Those 20 diapers will last through 2 to 3 kids and the start up cost is about $400 to $500 depending on the brands you choose!! Again, thanks to Natalie, we were able to buy 5 cloth diapers for $46!! At regular price, this brand (thirsties) would have cost over $86 with tax at regular price! In other words, Natalie hooked us up with a great deal through her friend!!!

Receiving blankets & burp cloths:

I have been very domestic while I've been here in Arizona with the help of Taylor's Mom and Sister of course! I picked out three different fabrics and made receiving blankets and matching burp cloths! I think they turned out very cute and I'm very proud that I made something for our little boy! I think having handmade things is important. I hope to learn to crochet before I leave so that I can make a blessing blanket.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Early Ultrasound...

Okay, so we're sitting at the dinner table yesterday here in Arizona and Natalie pipes up and tells me that her friend has a ultrasound machine and can read if it's a boy or girl. My appointment at home isn't until January 4th, so I've given it some thought and if Nat's friend is willing, I think we're gonna find out earlier. What do you think? Should we wait for the Doctor appointment or just find out now??

Monday, December 7, 2009

Making progress!

The foundation has been poured for the addition on our house and now we just have to play the waiting game for the loan to go through so we can start framing!! We are very excited to bring our ideas to life. Spring time will bring a lot of work, but it will be well worth it to have our own home and also to have a place to bring the baby home to!