Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peace, Love and Sara Bareilles

Saturday July 16th was a whole new experience for Anson and I.  It started with a 5k run with my best buddy Dawn and with her encouragement, we jogged the whole thing.  I may have had to fight the urge to vomit, but I finished and it felt GREAT!

Then it was on to Targheefest!  It's an annual concert that the local ski resort puts on for the entire weekend.  The headliners that we were most excited about were Sara Bareilles and Michael Franti.

Sara rocked the house!  She even sang her own version of Mumford and Sons "Little Lion Man," and it was so good! I may have dorked out and got her autograph, I thought why not?  I'll never get to be this close a star at a normal concert, especially one who has talent!  So I went for it!

 I had never heard Michael Franti's music before and I'm officially a fan! It's peace and love meets reggae and it's AMAZING! I love the messages in his songs, they were all super uplifting.  Should he make an appearance in the valley again, I will be there for sure!


It was a fantastic Saturday!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Cousins Bailey, Claire and Hazel, Aunt Lauren, Natalie, Papa and Grandma Barlow came to visit for two whole weeks, it was kind of awesome!  Here's why:

We ate every carb imaginable, namely cinnamon rolls, calzones, artisan bread, whole wheat waffles, crepes and who knows what else.  Either way it was delish and we ate like kings and queens!  We played in the mud, the cousins took baths together (Anson was a little freaked at first), had picnics in the backyard, fed horses, played at Grandpa Larry and Grandma Pam's, which included a sleigh ride pulled by pony's and  a ride on Grandpa Larry's lawn mower!  We went to Cousin Melanie's wedding, went for walks, ate A LOT OF SUGAR and gave each other kisses.  Basically, a fantastic two weeks!  Thanks everyone for coming to play!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July and then some

Our 4th pf July weekend was great fun, one that I'm sure none who participated will soon forget.  We got to go to a carnival which included pig and dog races, bounce houses, a hilarious hypnotist and a comedian (who wasn't funny at all). Glenn Beck was the guest of honor and he gave a speech about patriotism that made everyone (accept hippies) proud to be Americans.  His speech was concluded with a firework show that put all others that I've seen to shame.  On Independence Day, we celebrated with the annual Victor 4th of July parade, the craft fair, a smattering of delicious food and of course, more fireworks.  It was a faboo weekend.

The wall of people protecting our babies from the sun.

 Fun at the Parade!

Dinner time!!

Anson's first sparkler!
P.S This marked the start of a super fun two weeks with Auntie Lauren, Natalie, Grandma and Papa Barlow and cousins, Bailey, Claire and Hazel.  We haven't seen Aunt Lauren since Anson was born, so that was extra special to have her come!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodbye ocean, hello mountains!

Well, I've gotten real bad about this whole blog thing lately... So here's a story in pics for ya.

Basically, we're really glad to be home.  We love the space in our house (Anson is obsessed with playing in his room), we love the mountains, bike rides, the smell after it rains, the horses in our pasture, hikes, long walks, the AMAZING gas station that we live only 2 blocks from (hello fountain sodas), camping, swimming, trips to the zoo and playing in the park!  The list could go on forever.  Oh Idaho, we sure have missed you!