Monday, June 20, 2011

The best of the best

As far as Dad's go, I'm pretty sure that I have the best there is...

Amazing Dad + carpenter + mechanic + race car driver + super Grandpa = Shear Awesomeness
Thanks Daddy for your love, support,  friendship and for helping me become who I am today!  I love your face off!

Incredible Dad + Entrepreneur +  Mr. fix-it sprinkler man + Sweet Papa = Radical
Dad, Thank you for being great as both a Dad and Friend and for teaching us not be afraid to chase our dreams. Love you lots!

Best Daddy on the planet + Entrepreneur + Expert fly fisherman + Sweet Hubby = LOVE
Honey, Thanks for being awesome!  Thank you for being such a hard worker and for loving Anson and I so much!  We like you a lot!

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm not that spoiled

Rest assured that Anson and I didn't get to have all the fun on our two week trip to the Zona and P-town.  Taylor got to have a bit of a party himself...  Two of his good friends met him in FL for some fishing in the Keys, a fishing competition and some touring in South Beach. 

I don't know if you can tell, but they died and went to heaven.

The men in action.

Soakin up some rays!

They didn't just fish during the day, they also fished late into the night.  Crazy boys are in love with fish or something.

A little hang out session in Miami to end their week of bliss.  

No wives, no schedules, just a boat, fishes and the Ocean.  Pretty rad if you ask me. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love me some OREGON!

The last 7 days of Anson's and my trip were spent with my family in Portland! It was a busy week, that's for sure.  How did this trip of awesomeness begin?  With me getting my hair done, which isn't very exciting but it meant that I got visit with my friend Rachelley.  The next day is when the fun began!

 Hello Oceanside!!!

Aren't we pretty? 

"The digs".  Lisa's Dad was awesome enough to let us stay in one of his beach houses right in the heart of Oceanside!  Of course in only takes about 15 minutes  to walk around the whole town, but it was lovely.  I learned a lot about my Sisser's childhood--she spent a ton of time here as a kid and I can see why she loves it so much!

NO KIDS ALLOWED!  That's right people, 2 1/2 days and 2 nights of girl time!  Sadly Joannie and Moni weren't able to make it, but the show had to go on!  We took walks on the beach both nights walking through a cave at low tide the last night.  There was Wii Dance, movies, junk food, dance parties, a hike to a waterfall, a tour of an old lighthouse, a tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory and 1 delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner out!  It was a blast!

Here is Anson's lovely babysitter (my Cousin Lindsay in my Mom's dress from the 80's), she did such a good job and Anson loves her!

Anson loves hanging with his Grandpa.

7 days is not nearly long enough.  The week was jam packed.  We got to spend lots of time with my Brothers, my Sissies and their kiddos, which Anson loved being surrounded by so much action.  I got to see one of my Girlfriends that I haven't seen in ages and go to my favorite restaurant in the world: Changs Mongolian Grill.  Thanks for a fabulous week!

Lots of love!  Until next time!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello blogging world! Oh how I've missed you!

Anson and I left Florida on May 5th for 2 1/2 solid weeks on F-U-N!  First stop: Arizona to see Papa, Grandma, Uncle Scott, Auntie Nat and Cousins Bailey, Claire and Hazel!  It was 11 days full of fun, minus the yucky 48 hour stomach flu that Anson caught and gave to almost the entire family! SAD!

When we arrived in AZ, we went to a delicious dinner with Grandma at Gecko Grill,  then it was off to see the cousins!  Anson was greeted with excitement and his very own Birthday Crown compliments of Auntie Nat!  As you can see, all the girls have one too.  Way too cute!

Anson loved Papa and Grandma's house and all the space he had to play!  His Cousins were sweet enough to let him borrow their toys while we visited.

 Anson loved Grandma's wagon, so there were lots of rides around the neighborhood. 

We took a trip to Phoenix Zoo to hang our with Bobbie, Megan, Makoy and Finn! 

Anson discovered his love for dirt and rocks while helping Papa repair the sprinkler.

Anson even got in touch with his feminine side and borrowed Hazel's pink shoes while we roasted marshmallows [whistles].

I don't know what could be more fun than playing in the irrigation water in the backyard on a sunny day in undies!

Anson ADORES his Papa and his Grandma too of course, but Papa had to go out of town for a couple days while we were there and Papa had Anson help pack his bag before he left.  After Papa was gone, Anson proceeded to go into his room looking for him and calling for him. It was the sweetest thing!

It was a FANTASTIC 11 days.  We got to swim and I got to go on a lunch date with my dear friend Erin.  I also got to spend a whole day with my friend Sal and an evening with her and her hubby!  Grandma, Anson and I lived it up when Papa was out of town, going to "Taco Tuesday" at Cafe Rio and out for our fave chicken strip dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Anson was spoiled with a Birthday celebration put on by his Cousins and we got to have a few yummy dinners at their house as well.  I'm grateful to Taylor's Mom who let me get out and about by myself here and there.  Also, Nat and I went to a Pie cooking class and I totally won a $70 pie plate which I gave to Nat, because she's awesome (and I don't need 3).

Thanks for a great week!  Love you all!