Monday, June 20, 2011

The best of the best

As far as Dad's go, I'm pretty sure that I have the best there is...

Amazing Dad + carpenter + mechanic + race car driver + super Grandpa = Shear Awesomeness
Thanks Daddy for your love, support,  friendship and for helping me become who I am today!  I love your face off!

Incredible Dad + Entrepreneur +  Mr. fix-it sprinkler man + Sweet Papa = Radical
Dad, Thank you for being great as both a Dad and Friend and for teaching us not be afraid to chase our dreams. Love you lots!

Best Daddy on the planet + Entrepreneur + Expert fly fisherman + Sweet Hubby = LOVE
Honey, Thanks for being awesome!  Thank you for being such a hard worker and for loving Anson and I so much!  We like you a lot!

Happy Father's Day!

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