Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bailey family reunion at Deer Springs Ranch

Anson did a fantastic job on his first road trip to Deer Springs Ranch in Southern Utah.  8 hours in the car and hardly a fuss!!
We had tons of fun riding in the Rhino, on four wheelers and motorcycles all week!  Our nieces LOVED the rhino and Claire even feel asleep in it on one ride. 
Anson got to meet his Great Grandpa Barlow for the very first time!

Bailey, Claire and Hazel were ecstatic to meet little Anson and just couldn't get enough of him.  Bailey was so sweet with Anson when she'd hold him and he even fell asleep in her lap once.
The whole family took off to Zion National Park one day and Taylor, myself and his Sister Natalie stayed behind with our little ones because it was gonna be too long of a day for our kids.  Aunt Lisa stayed behind as well and we enjoyed visiting for the majority of the day and a rhino ride down to the pond to check out the fish. 

There are GORGEOUS pink cliffs surrounding Deer Springs ranch, so Natalie, cousin Malia, Taylor and I took the rhino all the way to the top of them to get a closer look and they are breathtaking.
It was pretty special to get this photo done because Anson is the first Grandson born to Taylor's parents and the first Great Grandson born to Greg's parents who carries the Barlow Name. 

We had a great week with the family visiting, playing games, eating lots of great food and enjoying the great outdoors!  So thank you to Mom and Dad Barlow for all the festivities, we hope we can do it again!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Super 4th of July...belated.

We had some super adventures on fourth of July weekend. The festivities began the night of the 2nd when we met up with our friends Mike, Bre and Ande along with both Bre and Mike's families in the mountains. We had a campfire, delicious pulled pork sandwiches and dutch oven cobbler! It was fun to hang out and laugh and it was Anson's first kinda camping experience (we didn't sleep up there), so that was exciting.

Mexican Horse Race (not at all meant to be racist):  4 people (or as many as you want) are given a mexican name and you have to stand up in front of everyone and tap your legs very loudly like a horse and one at a time yell your given name as loud as possible and then it speeds up and then you have to tap your legs and then yell hoof and your given name as loud as possible.  The names given were: Bre (Juan), Mike (Juilo), Don (Arted) and Carl (Alejandro).  This is so hilarious and we didn't get it until the very end, which is exactly what I caught on camera. Listen closely to Don. 

July 3rd:

Our morning started with the parade in Victor, which happen to take place two blocks from our house (yeeeesssss), followed by the craft fair and delightful food and then later that night we had more food at Huntsman Springs where I ate hardly anything, but had two brownies (they were so amazing, I should have taken a picture).  Our night ended hearing a very patriotic speech by Glenn Beck who was invited to Huntsman Springs by the owner of the golf course/development John Huntsman.  Then FIREWORKS! It was an great day.

July 4th:

We spent driving to Southern Utah to Deer Springs Ranch for a family reunion.  Pictures and stories to follow!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A much needed girls day!

A few weeks ago, my good friend Lindsay came over while our husbands went fishing. It was so nice to have some girl time! We had lunch at Subway, went and got milkshakes at the emporium, and sat out on the deck in the sun and painted our toes and listened to music.

Anson and Lola had a good time hanging in the sun as well. All in all it was a great day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Baby is 2 months old!

Anson's two month stats: 10lb 8.5oz and 23 1/2inches long

Time has gone by so quickly, he'll be riding a bike and banging up his knees before we know it. These last two months have been filled with so many new experiences both joyful and tearful (on my part mostly), but altogether being parents to our little man is pretty fantastic. Anson is the sweetest little baby and 9 times out of 10, the MOST CONTENT baby in the world. He only wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat and then he usually goes back to sleep for me after his 6 or 7am feeding--not too shabby eh? Not bragging, okay maybe a little but we just feel very lucky.

Anson is starting to smile and coo, which is so fun that he can interact with us more. We recently borrowed a swing from some friends of ours and he is totally enthralled with it, he loves the music it plays and of course his turtle mobile which I attached to it (I just ordered his very own swing today). Anson is really starting to respond to color and sounds. His happiest time is first thing in the morning--he eats and gets his bum changed and then lays on our bed, in his chair, in his swing or on the floor and kicks his legs, coos and smiles for an hour or so. He's made many new discoveries this month; read on to learn more!

Baby Boy,

We love to see you smile and hate it when your sad. You have a smile that is going to break some serious hearts in the years to come (mostly your Mommy's). You don't quite smile when you're awake as big as you do when you're asleep, but that will come soon enough. You have a sad face that literally breaks Mommy and Daddy's hearts and it's usually followed by this very sad squeak leading into a cry, but that only happens when you're especially sad.

Mommy loves to dress you in all sorts of cute outfits and shoes.

You love to hang out in your diaper and you look so cute. You eat tons (the average infant consumes around two ounces at 2 months, you east anywhere from three to five) as evident by your growing belly.

You have tried lots of new things this month: you love your swing, you experienced your first campfire, attended your first parade and went on your first road trip (7 hours in the car and you were such a trooper)!

You have discovered your fists and you love to suck on them!

You have finally noticed the animals hanging from your chair and you love to kick and coo at them, well, most of the time...

You love to kick your legs and it's pretty cute to watch.

We love you so much little man and we love watching you grow! Happy 2 months little one!

Mommy and Daddy

P.S. I had to watch my baby get shots today and it was AWE-FULL!