Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bailey family reunion at Deer Springs Ranch

Anson did a fantastic job on his first road trip to Deer Springs Ranch in Southern Utah.  8 hours in the car and hardly a fuss!!
We had tons of fun riding in the Rhino, on four wheelers and motorcycles all week!  Our nieces LOVED the rhino and Claire even feel asleep in it on one ride. 
Anson got to meet his Great Grandpa Barlow for the very first time!

Bailey, Claire and Hazel were ecstatic to meet little Anson and just couldn't get enough of him.  Bailey was so sweet with Anson when she'd hold him and he even fell asleep in her lap once.
The whole family took off to Zion National Park one day and Taylor, myself and his Sister Natalie stayed behind with our little ones because it was gonna be too long of a day for our kids.  Aunt Lisa stayed behind as well and we enjoyed visiting for the majority of the day and a rhino ride down to the pond to check out the fish. 

There are GORGEOUS pink cliffs surrounding Deer Springs ranch, so Natalie, cousin Malia, Taylor and I took the rhino all the way to the top of them to get a closer look and they are breathtaking.
It was pretty special to get this photo done because Anson is the first Grandson born to Taylor's parents and the first Great Grandson born to Greg's parents who carries the Barlow Name. 

We had a great week with the family visiting, playing games, eating lots of great food and enjoying the great outdoors!  So thank you to Mom and Dad Barlow for all the festivities, we hope we can do it again!!!

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Barlow Family said...

Such cute pictures. I especially love the one with the four generations...very neat! Looks like a fun trip.