Saturday, February 4, 2012

21 Months

I was really good about writing a post every month of Anson's first year and then I fell off the wagon. Well, I'm back and here are some things about Anson's 21st month of life that I don't want to forget!

He loves to play dress up in his hat drawer.  Every morning he comes out of his room in a different hat-- it's too funny.  He plays pretend with utensils and dishes like he's eating a delicious meal.  He likes playing with his blocks and train set, wrestling and jumping on the couch and our bed.  He knows how to navigate an ipad like we've trained him or something.  He gets on his Dad's and goes straight to netflix and starts his favorite show, it's crazy!  And of course in traditional boy fashion, he loves to destroy everything in his path especially when he's grumpy.

He likes snuggling on occasion and when he does, he takes the hair of the person he's snuggling and rubs it on his nose while he sucks on his binky. This is something he's done for quite some time, but I think it's the sweetest thing ever.  He's even gone as far as taking individual hairs out of my brush and rubbing them on his face. A little background on that hair fetish: when I nursed him as a baby, I would rub my hair across his face while he ate and obviously it stuck with him.  The kid likes hair.  He is such a loving little boy.  He loves to give kisses and hugs and it's enough to break our hearts right in half!

Holy cow, does this kid love to dance!  "The dogs days are over" by Florence + the Machine is our all time fave, so much so that Anson knows right when the song is going to get funkier.  Observe:

He has lots of words and a few phrases, but here are a few faves: Mama, Dad, Papa, Nana (banana), oh no, what's that, truck, car, hi, please, go, baby, night night, more, book, ball and every parent's favorite: mine.  His signs(most have become words): bath, all done, eat, outside, binky and dance.

Anson used to be the greatest eater with a wide variety of fruit and veggies in his diet, but as of the last month he has become picky, picky, picky!  He won't go near things that he used to love.  Enter stage left: Jessica Seinfeld and her cookbook "Deceptively Delicious."  This has been a life changer!  It teaches how to hide fruit and veggies in food by pureeing them and all the recipes truly are delicious, just ask anson!  The best part is that Our guy (and Taylor) is getting the nutrient rich fruit and veggies he needs without even knowing it.

We love our little boy to pieces! He is fiercely independent, super sweet boy with some major attitude and he's all ours!  Not to mention that he's the cutest kid in the world!  He makes our lives so much brighter. Happy 21 months cutie!!

As far as trucker Husbands/Fathers go

I'm fairly certain that mine is number one.  Here he is teaching Anson the ropes.  Cuties.