Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trip to Newport Rhode Island to tour the Newport Mansions

Here are some random photos of downtown Newport, where we hung out for a bit before we went and ate some amazing fish and chips!

This is the Marble house, and this was by far my favorite! This house is made from solid marble on the exterior and throughout the interior, and there is a room in this house made of solid gold!! It was so incredible, I loved all the rooms! This home was dreamed up by Alva Vanderbilt and her wish was her husband's command. They only lived in this home for three years after in was constructed, then Alva divorced Mr. Vanderbilt and moved down the street to her new husband's home. What a life!

The Newport coast; this is the view from the Rosecliff Mansion

This is the Rosecliff Mansion, it had multiple owners, but it's most popular for being one of the filming sites for "The Great Gatsby."

Random shots of Taylor and I between seeing the Mansions...

This is the back of the Mansion

Another view of the home. We couldn't take pictures inside for reasons of preservation, but it was gorgeous.

138,000 square feet--not too shabby for a summer home eh?

Entrance to "The Breakers," this was Cornelius Vanderbilt II's summer home.

Halloweeny in Boston

After Taylor and I returned from Salem, Mom and I went and wondered around the Beacon Hill area in Boston to see some of the Mansions, we even saw John Kerry's house. Now that's one for the record books...NOT!