Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Goodbye ocean, hello mountains!

Well, I've gotten real bad about this whole blog thing lately... So here's a story in pics for ya.

Basically, we're really glad to be home.  We love the space in our house (Anson is obsessed with playing in his room), we love the mountains, bike rides, the smell after it rains, the horses in our pasture, hikes, long walks, the AMAZING gas station that we live only 2 blocks from (hello fountain sodas), camping, swimming, trips to the zoo and playing in the park!  The list could go on forever.  Oh Idaho, we sure have missed you!


robin said...

hooray for the updates! i swear i just checked and you hadn't posted, and then i looked and i'd missed out on a lot. sorry. bad friend. (remember how i made you stay with me to try stuff on at anthropologie for like 5 hours that one time and then the mall closed. see? bad friend.)

the ocean misses you.

The Barlows said...

You are too funny! Try super awesome friend! I had no problem watching your fashion show!

Miss you!

Sally said...

Glad to see the little man is getting an appetite! Idaho looks beautiful. Don't come back to Arizona - it's way too hot and miserable. I'm so jealous of where you are!!