Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July and then some

Our 4th pf July weekend was great fun, one that I'm sure none who participated will soon forget.  We got to go to a carnival which included pig and dog races, bounce houses, a hilarious hypnotist and a comedian (who wasn't funny at all). Glenn Beck was the guest of honor and he gave a speech about patriotism that made everyone (accept hippies) proud to be Americans.  His speech was concluded with a firework show that put all others that I've seen to shame.  On Independence Day, we celebrated with the annual Victor 4th of July parade, the craft fair, a smattering of delicious food and of course, more fireworks.  It was a faboo weekend.

The wall of people protecting our babies from the sun.

 Fun at the Parade!

Dinner time!!

Anson's first sparkler!
P.S This marked the start of a super fun two weeks with Auntie Lauren, Natalie, Grandma and Papa Barlow and cousins, Bailey, Claire and Hazel.  We haven't seen Aunt Lauren since Anson was born, so that was extra special to have her come!