Monday, July 25, 2011


Cousins Bailey, Claire and Hazel, Aunt Lauren, Natalie, Papa and Grandma Barlow came to visit for two whole weeks, it was kind of awesome!  Here's why:

We ate every carb imaginable, namely cinnamon rolls, calzones, artisan bread, whole wheat waffles, crepes and who knows what else.  Either way it was delish and we ate like kings and queens!  We played in the mud, the cousins took baths together (Anson was a little freaked at first), had picnics in the backyard, fed horses, played at Grandpa Larry and Grandma Pam's, which included a sleigh ride pulled by pony's and  a ride on Grandpa Larry's lawn mower!  We went to Cousin Melanie's wedding, went for walks, ate A LOT OF SUGAR and gave each other kisses.  Basically, a fantastic two weeks!  Thanks everyone for coming to play!


Chelsea said...

Very cute Celeste! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Trish said...

He is getting so big.