Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love me some OREGON!

The last 7 days of Anson's and my trip were spent with my family in Portland! It was a busy week, that's for sure.  How did this trip of awesomeness begin?  With me getting my hair done, which isn't very exciting but it meant that I got visit with my friend Rachelley.  The next day is when the fun began!

 Hello Oceanside!!!

Aren't we pretty? 

"The digs".  Lisa's Dad was awesome enough to let us stay in one of his beach houses right in the heart of Oceanside!  Of course in only takes about 15 minutes  to walk around the whole town, but it was lovely.  I learned a lot about my Sisser's childhood--she spent a ton of time here as a kid and I can see why she loves it so much!

NO KIDS ALLOWED!  That's right people, 2 1/2 days and 2 nights of girl time!  Sadly Joannie and Moni weren't able to make it, but the show had to go on!  We took walks on the beach both nights walking through a cave at low tide the last night.  There was Wii Dance, movies, junk food, dance parties, a hike to a waterfall, a tour of an old lighthouse, a tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory and 1 delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner out!  It was a blast!

Here is Anson's lovely babysitter (my Cousin Lindsay in my Mom's dress from the 80's), she did such a good job and Anson loves her!

Anson loves hanging with his Grandpa.

7 days is not nearly long enough.  The week was jam packed.  We got to spend lots of time with my Brothers, my Sissies and their kiddos, which Anson loved being surrounded by so much action.  I got to see one of my Girlfriends that I haven't seen in ages and go to my favorite restaurant in the world: Changs Mongolian Grill.  Thanks for a fabulous week!

Lots of love!  Until next time!


Three's Company said...

Looks like a blast!! I miss Changs SOO much It's my favorite too. Oregon is the best place ever!

Chels said...

Ahhh I miss Oregon so much! I'll actually be there next Friday! Can't wait! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Sally said...

I am so unbelievably jealous. My heart hurts for Oregon!!

Kylie said...

oh man i love oregon too! we just took a roadtrip to oregon and LOVED IT! such a beautiful place. would you guys ever consider moving back?

The Barlows said...

Amen, Oregon rules! Ky, I'm not sure that we would ever end up there. I would so consider it, but all the rain would be super depressing for Taylor.