Monday, April 2, 2012

Power wheel rides and slides

Anson and I got to go to Arizona for a week and be with our family. We had fabulous company, namely: Grandma, Aunties, Uncle, Cousins and Great Grandparents (Taylor and his Dad sadly couldn't take time off from work to come). Our vacation went something like this: race with Aunt Lauren and cousins Bailey, Claire and Hazel, go to the park, take a wagon ride around the neighborhood, ride in the pink power wheel, pick citrus off Grandma's trees, repeat.

It was so wonderful to be in AZ, where the sun was shining and we could do nothing but hang outside all day long. Anson loved it!  He loved spending time with our family, but mostly he loved playing with his cousins everyday. We  had a fun family dinner out the day we landed and some yummy family meals at home and we ate almost all of them outside! Natalie took me to a bread store where we bought delicious organic bread for only $1. We got a Hawaiian bread that we made french toast with one morning and boy, was it yummy! We enjoyed a picnic at the Riparian Preserve, where we got to hang with Great G and G Barlow and the sweetest part of all was that Anson warmed right up to his Grampy and gave him lots of loves and these days, he takes a while to warm up to everyone.

Grandma (Tay's Mom) was the sweetest and let me have lots of time to myself and I got to go on lunch dates with my old college roommate and dear friend Bren and I also got to spend the day with my friend Erin from Aesthetics school. Taylor's dear friend Matt got married, as well as his Cousin Tyler, so we got to go to their receptions while we were there.

We played our hearts out and had a grand time and can't wait to visit again!!

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