Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was super low-key this year.  Our sweet little man had a fever of 103, so his Daddy stayed home with him while I went to sacrament meeting.  Our cute new friends Tyler and Carly Crosland (read their adorable blog here) spoke in church about the Resurrection of our Savior and the primary children sang a beautiful musical number.  It was a wonderful service.

While our little one was sick, we did have a fantastic Easter and what made it even better?!?  We got to spend it with Grandma and Papa Barlow!  We had a wonderful dinner with the Barlos as well as some our good friends and Cousin Bryan. Of course, G and P Barlow spoiled the heck out of Anson.  He got a really fun Cars themed downhill race track, which he loves so much.  I also got spoiled and got a beautiful shirt and sweater! Thanks Mom and Dad Barlow for making our Easter special by being here with us!

Our friend Carl was in town and I had a blast putting together Easter baskets for Taylor, Anson, Carl and myself.  With the help of My Sister in-law Natalie, we printed some adorable photos of the Grand kids out and put them in a frame for G and P Barlow to brighten up their ND apartment.

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Carly said...

You are sweet. Speaking on Easter was awful! Ahh... so glad it's over! Can't wait to play again when you guys get back!