Thursday, March 8, 2012

Call us what you will.

Be it Sister Wives or Lipstick Lesbians, we're gonna be matching necklace wearin', dance partyin', off pitch singin', inappropriate jokin'  best friends til the end!

Anson and I got to spend two full weeks with my dear Friend Alicia and her family in Minnesota in January!  You're wondering how the heck I made a friend in Minnesota right?!  Well, Alicia is actually from Teton Valley just like me, but she moves her family to Fertile, MN every winter while Her Husband Garth races Snowcross (yes, I know a famous person) and now that we have moved to North Dakota, we're only 4 hours away from each other!  Three cheers for having a friend so close by!

We had so, so much fun doing all of the above mentioned things as well as making bread, yogurt and so many delicious meals.  We also went shopping and I got Alicia all sorts of addicted to GLEE!  We watched lots of movies, played outside (when it wasn't frigid), read books and laughed all the while.  As the pictures clearly show, the boys had a blast playing together--Anson, thinks Palmer and Dexter are the greatest!  It was great trip!

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