Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An early Christmas gift. ♥

It was my family's year for Christmas and because of Taylor's job, we couldn't go. :-(
So my Parents flew Anson and I home for a week to have an early Christmas!  It was a week full of fun--crafts, birthdays and just being together!!  It was just what the doctor ordered to cure my Melancholy!
It rained a lot, but what is Oregon without rain?  I loved it!  Here are some of the highlights from our trip:

Anson was of course, loved and cuddled by all!

I got in touch with my crafty side (which NEVER happens) and decided to call this a homemade Christmas!  I made a Christmas note tree for Taylor's Sister Natalie and her family (similar to the one pictured), I made an Apron for my Sissy pants and I made a photo calender for my parents!  I am proud to say that I sewed every bit of these projects (aside form the photo calender cause we all know that isn't possible), which is kind of a big deal!  I'm rather proud of my work!  And as is the classic Celestial way, I gave all our Christmas gifts early because I just HAD to see the looks on everyone's faces!!

We had family photos taken (it has been 7 years and my Mom just couldn't wait anymore)--Taylor was missed!  It poured the entire time.  And what cures a  group of people after freezing to death and getting wet? 

A big family dinner of course!  My Parents put on an early Christmas Eve dinner with all the trimmings just because Anson and I were in town and they didn't want us to miss out!  Thanks Daddy and Mama!!

 And what's a Poulsen family gathering without a soda run?  It's not one!  So here's a pic of my B (Brother Travis) and I on the said soda run! 

 Followed by a big Birthday bash for the one and only Chaney Nicole who turned 7!

And here's a little smattering of cuteness, just for good measure!  

The end!

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Travis & Joann said...

That was a fun weekend, it really felt like Christmas! Glad you came, hope to see both of you soon. And Anson of course, we just love that little guy.