Saturday, January 8, 2011

Party in the U.S.A.

My SISSY PANTS and BEST FRIEND came to visit us and we had the most dance party packed, fun filled & spazzy 3 1/2 days ever!!  Who is my Sissy Pants you ask?  Only the prettiest, funnest, most amazing woman on the Planet: MY SISTER LISA!!  A brief history: Lisa is married to my Brother Jason, but she has been in my life since I was 11 and so I figure after 14 years, the in-law gets canceled out.  So therefore, she is my Sister. 

When Lisa walked through the door, we had a little spaz of excitement session, followed by a dance party on our way to walmart.  When we got home, we had a really fun time making fun of the swishy pants suit that her Aunt gave her (she visited her Aunt, Uncle and Grandma in Melbourne, FL before she came to my house).  I know that you know what kind of suit I'm talking about, the kind that was popular in 1990 maybe?  Well, I proceeded to put it on and swish around our one bedroom apartment as fast as I could and well, we almost peed from laughing so hard.  My husband of course was looking at me like I was nuts (curmudgeon). This was just the first night mind you and it was already supercalafragelisticexpealladocious!

Saturday: Yellowgreen Farmer's Market for fun and food, followed by the mall where 100 ornaments were purchased for $15 (whoop, whoop), then off to the grocery store to get a gingerbread house, followed by going out to dinner, building our gingerbread house and to end our day, we watched Eclipse. 

I will tell the rest of the story with pictures, because they are more fun than words...
 "Flosser pose" at the Yellowgreen Farmer's Market.  Yep, we were in public and all the people were pretty jealous that they couldn't be as awesome as we are.  We all have to dig food out of our teeth once in a while, so why not be fabulous while doing it?

Bestie Lovin.

Dinner at the Keylime house--the food was mediocre at best, but the keylime pie was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

The gingerbread house of horror.  When all else fails, just make a wall of frosting and start chucking your candy at it.

Sunday: took our sweet time getting ready for the day and then drove to Orlando separately because Lisa accidentally booked the rental car in Boca Raton (town 5 minutes away from me)...WHOOPS!!  Fast forward 3 hours at 90 miles an hour later, we're there!!!  We stayed at Lisa's Dad's  BEAUTIFUL condo, but before there was bed, there was Wendy's and Downtown Disney! 

But first: the swishy pants!

Goofy's Candy Co:  one outrageously delicious carmel/milk chocolate/almond covered/dark chocolate drizzled apple purchased.  Done and done!!
Also at Goofy's Candy Co.  The most hilarious funhouse mirror ever created.  When I grow up, I want one of these in my house!!

 Monday:  the goal was to eat anything and everything delicious in sight and to take as many awesome pictures as possible and we totally accomplished that! Plus we had a good ol' time at the Disney resorts and again at Downtown Disney!
Let the MAGIC BEGIN!!!!

If you call catching a turd or giving a bum squeeze magic, then whatever.  We do.

First stop: a life size gingerbread house inside the Victorian Resort.  Yep it's all edible and smells delicious!

Following the Gingerbread house, we went to get a dole whip which is whipped pineapple and vanilla soft serve at the Polynesian Resort.  Anson approved.   
Then we went to Downtown Disney where I bought Anson's stocking and his first ornament!!  Afterward, we went around taking pictures of everything in sight and stopped for an amazing dinner (which we shared) at the Dinosaur Cafe. 

Our last stop of the day was at the Beaches Resort.  This is a life size carousel made of gingerbread.  All the horses are made of white and milk chocolate. 

To end our day of engorgement, we had the world's best banana split at Beaches and Cream!!!  And yes we ate it all and we didn't even feel sick, nor did we feel bad about it.

 Side note: we were wearing all of layers because it was stinking FREEZING and when we checked the weather report in Oregon which is where we were headed next, Oregon was warmer!!  I'm not even talking just a little chilly, it was jaw chattering cold.  The wind was BITTER!  Orlando in NOT supposed to be that cold.  Thank heaven I brought scarfs and hats or we would have been in trouble!

  All in all, it was SUPEREST weekend ever!!

Love you Sissy Face!!


Travis & Joann said...

oh yeah, i see what you mean by that sunde being HUGE. It looked really yummy!

Barlow Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I know what you mean about Orlando getting cold, it can get downright miserable there in the winter sometimes! When we make it out to Florida we'll have to meet up with you guys. :)