Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Breakers.Thanksgiving.Isla Mirada

Taylor's parents came to visit us and spend the Thanksgiving holiday.  They are pretty much the best!  It was a low key visit, we hung out around the house a lot while Taylor was at work.  Mom and Dad Barlow just wanted to soak up every second that they could with their Grandson and it's so sweet to watch. They are always so conscious of little Anson and his schedule and I appreciate it so much.  Despite our efforts, Anson was on a sleep strike for that week.  Little booger.  

Thanksgiving Day was lovely.  We took an afternoon drive down the A1A to admire all of beautiful houses and they weren't just beautiful, they were enormous!!!  Honestly, they were lovely homes, but who needs houses that large?  It's fun to dream of what life would be like.  We took the A1A to West Palm Beach, where we stopped at The Breakers.  The Breakers is on old hotel right on the water with a lot of history, it's burned down twice and been rebuilt!  Now that's dedication!  Mom and I wondered through the hotel to enjoy the ambiance and walk through the ballrooms.  We fantasized about what it would have been like to live in the 16 and 1700's wearing corsets and ballgowns, going to balls and having your every whim attended to.  DREAMY!!  Of course the boys just sat on a couch in the middle of the hotel on their iphones--curmudgeons!  All in all, it was a great afternoon.

Thanksgiving dinner was of course, DELICIOUS!!  We enjoyed the usual prospects: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, bread and my Mom's 7up jello salad.  We wended the night with mixed berry pie and ice cream!!!
We jetted down to the Florida Keys for a quick trip so that boys could rent a boat and do some fishing.   The night before the said fishing trip, Dad Barlow hooked a tarpon, but it broke his line and he got away.  Super cool experience though!  Unfortunately, they didn't catch anything the next day either.  Mom Barlow and I got to go for a ride on the boat, which was beautiful and then we got to visit the GINORMOUS tarpon at the shop where they rented the boat. We had some delicious seafood on our way home, it was so good that I hardly came up for air!!  
I think his hat is a little small...
O Captain, my Captain.  Wipe that smile right off your face!  I think someone was born to be on the some body of water fishing for the rest of his life.  He's like a little kid in a candy store.
The girls.
The tarpon, the co-pilot and some pelicans.  All pretty awesome!
  What a great 10 days with the Barlows!  Thanks Mom and Dad B for being wonderful and for not allowing us to spend Thanksgiving alone!!  We love you!

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