Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anson: 7 Months

It is our little Boy's 7 month Birthday, five days late!  He is already so different from last month, it's so fun to watch him change literally everyday!  I love teaching him new things and watching him get the hang of them.

Anson is happiest when he first wakes up in the morning--he loves to play on the floor after breakfast with his toys and talk and roll around. He is at his best when he is well rested, which he fights way more than he used to, when he has a full tummy and when we are making him laugh or cuddling with him.

Anson loves his play mat, rattles, balls, plush blocks, plastic water bottles and anything that makes noise like wipes packages and the wings of his butterfly toy.  He also loves to bounce, kick and barrel roll all over the room.  He is definitely mobile now, he's army crawling backwards and in circles, he even got up on his hands and knees for a few seconds.  He is sitting up unsupported for longer and longer spurts each day.  Anson has found his voice and loves to hear it, so he talks and fake coughs--it's hilarious!


You are an incredible little boy and we love you like A LOT.  The joy that you bring to your Daddy and I is indescribable.  Sometimes I look at you and talk to you and tears fill my eyes because I am so grateful that you are ours.

Your boppy helps support you and you're SO CLOSE to sitting up without any pillows or help at all.  It's a whole new view of the world for you. 

You love playing on the floor more than anything because you're free to kick and role to your heart's content.  You LOVE your toys, but when they get boring you love to play with the most random things, especially Mommy's water bottle because it's so brightly colored and the wipespackage because it's so noisy.  When the package crackles, you get so excited and kick your legs like crazy!  

You briefly sucked your thumb and eventhough I didn't want you to pick up the habit, it was still so cute to watch you do it.  We had a bit of a cold front come in this month and so I got to dress you in all your warm clothes that you've never worn.  My favorite is your kimono with the helicopters on it, you look adorable in anything though.

For the first few months of your life, your Daddy was at home working on the house and then guiding off and on during the summer.  Now he works five days a week for 10 hours a day and so he is so sad to leave you in the mornings and so excited to see you when he comes home.  He likes to snuggle and play with you every night when he comes home.  You light up when he walks through the door and you get a big smile on your face. 

We learned our lesson at the beach last month and it's kind of a hassle to get you in and out of the water and all sandy and you don't really like it anyway.  This time we just laid you on a towel under an umbrella and you were as happy as can be. 

You taught yourself to blow raspberries with your lips, but Mommy taught you how to spit with your tongue and to my dismay, you love to do when you eat and get food everywhere!!  I can't be mad though, because I taught you how to do it and it's super funny. 

You are such a doll Anson.  You are so enagaging and the most lovable little boy ever--You lure everyone in with your big blue eyes and endearing smile.  Your dimples are to die for and we can't get enough of them.  Thank you for always being such a good boy and for loving us so much, we couldn't ask for a sweeter or more beautiful baby.  Love you always!

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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