Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

I spent the morning and on into the afternoon with Lisa and Kristi (Taylor's boss Jeff's daughters) making desserts for the party that evening.  We made eclairs, cupcakes with edible gold stars, coconut macaroons and mini pecan tarts.  It was such a fun afternoon, I absolutely LOVE the girls!

News years was a party and a half!  We went over to Jeff and Pattie's and when they said heavy appetizers, they meant enough to feed you dinner!  We kind of regretted going to Chipotle beforehand with Brian and Brittany.  Man, do the Anderson's know how to party!  There were all sorts of New Years hats, gold, silver and flashing necklaces, poppers, balloons and party whistles!  It was fun evening!

This is my new bff Britt.  We clicked instantly and I love, love, love her!

Here's Taylor and I with Kristi, Lisa and Britt!  We all get along so well and I am grateful for each and every friendship that we've have made here!

We stayed at Jeff and Pattie's until 1:30 a.m. and what does that spell?  EXHAUSTED! We were up until 3a.m. once we got all settled at home.  Taylor and I are just not cut out for being up that late anymore--man we're old!  Also, Anson is not pictured because we brought his pak n' play and he slept the ENTIRE night, so we basically had a night off (insert hallelujah chorus here). 

Happy 2011!!!  Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC year!!

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Tanner and Lindsay said...

Yay!! Happy New Year! Miss you guys!