Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

We had so much FUN on New Years this year! We stopped in Idaho Falls on our way home from Arizona and spent the evening with our BEST FRIENDS (we missed Bobby, Brian, Spencer W, Brad, Monica, Tadd, Travis, Kristin, Kylie and Spencer T.). We hadn't seen some of them in almost TWO MONTHS, which was nuts because some of us used to get together a few times a month (stupid economy). We enjoyed FABULOUS appetizers, pizza and yummy homemade cupcakes!! We played some fun games and when we were just about out of steam, we counted down to the new year and toasted with some good 'ol CIDER!!

All the boys were wearing blue; how sweet (Mike and Andy are missing from this pic)

Here are the little ones (missing little Kennady and Makoy)

Tim and Carl wanted to cuddle

As you can see, we are all pretty much done for at a few minutes to midnight.

We had a GREAT time; thanks Mike and Bre for having all of us over!!

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