Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun at school!!!

Shae Shae Cocoa butter and I doing the Lancettes pose with a little booty pop.

Three of the girls. This is Jamie, Sadie and Shaela doing the "Lancettes" pose. Lancettes is a name they came up with while playing a round of hang man for reveiw for a test and it sorta stuck. You extract papules and pustules (zits) with a Lancet, so that's where the name was derived from.

Totally passed out while receiving a back treatment...Thanks Natasha!

Here we are in all of our white glory with Mama Lori in the middle (white is seriously not my color)


Monica said...

Awesome sissy! Looks like your having a lot of fun! And getting good grades too! Congratulations!

Sadie Marie said...

YAY! Lancettes! Lol You're page is super cute by the way!!

Gina Marchant said...

Celeste are you suppose to be having this much fun in school? Sign me up. Looks like you are doing awesome and having alot of fun in the process. Hope you had a great valentines day and were spoiled to death.
Love ya Auntie Gina

Kylie said...

i think you look sexy. skin stuff would be hard. i'm glad you're liking it so much!

Brian and Bobbie said...

You’re so cute! It looks like your having so much fun! I’m glad you’re learning all this skin stuff and you’re like amazing at it, so I can ask you all my skin questions.