Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloweeny is in Salem Mass.

These Huge Pumpkins were in a resident's yard

More Awesomeness

Willie Wonka and I

A little dragon pup

Random people being awesome!

I'm a witch--fitting eh?

People hanging for "Witchcraft."

The Witch Museum

A sheriff placing stones on a man for not pleading guilty or innocent to "witchcraft." The sheriff placed rocks on this man's chest until he died after three days of torture.

The Dungeon where people who were accused of "Witchcraft" were kept until they were hung

The Salem Witch Trial

The Witch Dungeon--we went here to watch a reenactment of a Salem Witch Trial

A house on the street in Salem that I thought was beautiful. I love a lot of the homes in Mass.

This is one of many photos of random people dressed up in Salem for Halloween

Spiderman and Captain America badgering a street preacher


Spencer & Kylie said...

that looks so fun, i'm jealous!!! man your outfit that day was killer cute!


Thanks Ky, you make me feel so good inside! HAH! Really though, thanks!

Berry Family said...

Hey girl Boston looks awesome...I totally would love to go there. The witchcraft museum remind me of the "Sixth Sense" ohh scary!


Oh, you're silly. It was a little eerie though, because it was dark down in the dungeon and freezing. P.S. I hate that movie, it scares me to death! Boston is incredible, you should for sure visit. Hope you guys are well!

Travis & Joann said...

Wow the Salem Witch Trials have always interested me and The Crucible was tragic and interesting too. The history of it all is mind boggeling how it came about, who they believed, and innocent people killed. I would love to go their and explore all that, you're so lucky. I hope you're having a good time.