Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conference Weekend

Mike and Bre's little girl Ande!! We LOVE HER!!

The Zebes invited us all over to hang for conference weekend. The EXTRAVAGANZA begun Saturday night with a fabulous potato bar (potatoes courtesy of the truck that gave them away for FREE) and then we played rockband well into the night. We had SUPER SLUMBER PARTY and watched conference on Sunday and Bre made us some yummy HOMEMADE ROLLS and CREAMY WHITE CHILLI!!! All in all, it was a SUPER weekend! Thanks ZEBERS!!!!


Danielle and the Boys said...

WOW-that is crazy with the glass! sounds like a FUN weekend-jealous! ;)

Kylie said...

that looks so fun! somewhere the turley's should be! yes, that's right! we miss you!