Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sad Panda

My Sweet Hubby works in the oil fields of North Dakota and has been gone for two week stints.  He just left yesterday for another two weeks!  Up to this point, Anson and I were going to stay here in Idaho and just visit the prairie lands of ND.  Turns out it's WAY too hard on Taylor to work his buns off all day and then come home to an empty house.  I'd say that's more than understandable and I wouldn't say it's been exactly fun for us.  Though it pains me to leave our house AGAIN, it's just not worth being away from Taylor--so to North Dakota we go!!

Yesterday morning before he left, he and Anson shared breakfast (french toast) and it was the sweetest sight! I just love my men!!  We were some sad panda's when we watched Taylor drive away, but he's securing a home in ND for us and we'll be together again soon enough!!  Can't wait!

Let me just say how grateful I am to have such a hard working Husband.  He really is pretty incredible.  To be willing to sacrifice so much to provide for our family is a quality in him that I admire A LOT!


Chelsea said...

Gosh! Good luck! Mike was away for four months last year and I hated it! It'll definitely make you appreciate each other much more though.

Sugar Bump said...

SO much cuteness Celestface! :) Glad you guys are doing great and Anson is getting cuter everyday! MISS U GUYS!

Kylie said...

north dakota?! for how long? excitin!