Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dying to get out of here!!!

It is official!! I have short timers and all I can think about it quitting my job! I have worked at First Bank of the Tetons for a little over a year an a half; first as a teller and then after seven months, I was promoted to new accounts (Customer Service Relationship Manager) and I have been doing that for the last year. Banking is not something that I want to spend the rest of life doing, and I am just ready to move on. I haven't given my notice yet, and so I can't tell anyone about all that's on my mind, and it's killing me! I want to shout on the rooftops that I am going to Portland in 4 weeks and then to Boston and Thailand in 7 weeks!!! I want everyone to know, because I am so excited for a new chapter in our lives. I am ready for a break from Driggs, Idaho! Not that I don't love the beauty of this place and the happiness that it brings to my husband and all the people I've gotten to know, but I just need some time away.

Now for more big news... I am going to start applying to Esthetics schools to be an Esthetician and hopefully start in January!!!! I have been struggling for a long time with decision to go back to school or not and I have had this passion to go into Fashion Design, but it's no longer offered and Byu-Idaho and so if I went back, I would just be settling for some random degree that wouldn't make me happy. So I started looking into Esthetics, because it's not only extremely employable, but it's something that I would absolutely love and I could work at a spa, with a dermatologist, or at a Doctor's office; the possibilites are endless!! I'll keep you posted on what happens!

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