Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Southeast Asia: Here we come!

Taylor and I are big into traveling together; we've been to quite a few places since we've been married. We've been all over Eastern Europe, to Nassau Bahamas, and I got to go to New York with my Mom in '07. Our next adventure will be  to Boston for ten days to visit Taylor's parents and then we are off to Thailand, Camobodia and Loas this November for five weeks!! We are so thrilled, it will be an incredible experience.


Bobbie said...

I LOVE IT!! It's so good to see your cute little faces on your new blog! Congrats on the trip that will be so fun, I'm so excited for you guys. I cant wait to see all the pictures form you trip. Miss you guys!!!

Celestial & Taylor said...

We miss you guys too!! Thanks so much for the well wishes! We wish you all the best with the new chapter in your lives and hopefully, we'll get to come and visit you soon!

Danielle and the Boys said...

dang Celeste! Since Matt and I have been married we've been to Hawaii, Washington, Utah, and Arizona. Its okay to admit you're wishing you could go to all the exciting places we've been... ;) Okay, so I'm jealous. lol. Sounds like a blast though--have lots of fun!