Friday, December 5, 2008

My very close call in Reilay.

This morning, Taylor went to take a lead climbing course (which means that he was learning to set the routes for climbs, so he and I can go if we want) and I followed along to take some action shots. This is a very special occasion, because as many of you know, Taylor took a very bad fall about six years ago while lead climbing and had to have 25 stitches in his face and arms, so he was setting out to conquer his fear! I felt very proud.

I was sitting on a rock while the instructor was teaching Taylor how to tie a knot at the top of the climb and there was another instructor setting a route REALLY high up, I mean REALLY, REALLY high up and I was just minding my own business and looking down at the ground. Then there was this really loud crash and the guy that was climbing didn't holler "ROCK!" or anything and a ten our fifteen pound rock came down and hit my left thumb and then bounced down and hit my right foot. It hurt so badly, I immediately started to cry and my hand was shaking. The instructor and Taylor hurried to my side and lead me down the hill, they kept asking "are you okay??" I was crying so hard, but just kept saying, "I think so." The instructor sat me down, and his climbing assistant, Mark put some tiger balm on my foot and my thumb, which soothed it as much as it could. They brought ice down and placing my thumb into the ice was excruciating, it made me cry, I just had to remember to breath and Mark was placing ice on my foot at the same time. Mark took such good care of me, she was so attentive the entire time, I was so grateful to her. Taylor was so concerned; poor guy hasn't had good luck lead climbing. First, he gets hurt and then when he works up the courage to do it again, and his wife gets hurt. My thumb has a good size dent in it, the nail is actually down in the skin behind the nail and there is a little piece of rock inside the hole, it hurts pretty bad as a sit here and type. My foot is a little swollen, but it feels pretty okay now.

Once the pain subsided, I just started balling again, I was so grateful, I felt so lucky. I had no broken bones, and if that rock had come a foot or two back, it would have hit my head and could have killed me... I am so grateful to the Lord for watching over me and that the wounds were so minor. All part of the adventure right? I guess I can say that now, but I am so grateful. Our camera is broken, but what's a camera, when you are safe? It's replaceable and it's our last day here. Well, that's my story. Love you all!

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Brian and Bobbie said...

Holey Crap, I don't think rock climbing is for your little family, maybe you guys should stay in a climbing gym, I would fill much better. I know how scary it is, I remember watching Taylor as he was lead climbing and he was doing great then all of a sudden he was hanging upside down swinging as his head it the rocks, that was a little scary. You guys are so lucky, I'm so grateful your OK!