Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I had the awesome opportunity to be the assistant girls camp director in our ward. We went to camp this last weekend and it was a great experience for me. It was fun and spiritual and just what I needed. Our girls are amazing!!! Let me tell you that there is nothing like having Girls Camp on a Sunday--I had never done it before and it was the most beautiful sight to see our Stake President and Counselors bless the sacrament with the trees and mountains in the background.

I hate to cut this so short, but Taylor and I are on our way to Boston for his Mom's graduation from Harvard--we are so proud of her!! So, more to come, but here are some picture from the fun!

Here we are with all our Girls decked out in flamingo wear for our skit. We were the "Flamingo Flock."

This is Arloa--she is the Girls Camp director and I am her assistant doing the flamingo pose in our matching jammies!

This is on the second year hike! I am in the middle with the huge hat.

Here is our Cabin!

Here we are!! The leaders!


Kylie said...

hahahaha oh my gosh! this is sending me to flashbacks of my girl's camp years! dude, those were like the best times EVER! i LOVED girl's camp! how fun fun fun! how long was it? mine were always a week. i miss it, camping with a bunch of girls and free food...nothing quite like it. awesome that you got to do that. i forgot how funny looking we all are at that awkward age haha. love it.

Mo and Kristi said...

I bet you were so much fun for those girls... I am in YW's too! We go to camp in 2 weeks.

Brian and Bobbie said...

How fun, I bet those girls love you!!!

Trish said...

I know that was going to be fun for you when you told me you got the calling.

I am glad you are done with your school as well.