Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our weekend O Fun/ Mothers Day tribute.

Taylor left on red eye late Thursday night for Jacksonville, Florida and has been having a blast with Coogan and his little Nephew. He is fishing off the peer today, he went to St. Augustine yesterday, which is the oldest city in the U.S. and to the beach. I am so jealous, but I am so glad he has this opportunity to spend time with his good friend and escape from the HOT weather here. It's super nice in Florida right now and it's been between 100 and 110 the last few days here. I go pick up Tay tomorrow from the airport and then he leaves Friday for Idaho! Spoiled brat! It's totally fine though, he completely deserves it.

I have been having tons of fun this weekend with a friend from school. Erin and I met up and went to see "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" on Friday and then I went up to her house in Scottsdale to hang out with her and a bunch of her friends. It was way fun. Yesterday I totally should have been working on my final Spa project, but decided after going and doing some things for Girls Camp that hanging by the pool sounded better. So Erin and her friend Stacey came and hung out in the pool and then we headed to Barros (best pizza joint ever) for dinner and then we took Stacey home and came back here to watch the "Incredibles." I haven't seen that movie in ages; Erin shares my love for Disney movies, so it was nice to have somebody to watch it with who actually enjoys it (unlike Taylor). Church was great; we had a sweet lesson about Mothers of course--I really enjoyed it.

I am surrounded by wonderful examples of what it is to be a great Mother. I am so grateful for my Mom and my Sisters and My Mom and Sister In-law--they are absolutely incredible, I look up to each of them so much. Thank you for all your love and I can only hope that I turn out to be as great of a Mom as all of you. Happy Mothers Day!!! I love you all!

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Kylie said...

cute cute cute, celeste. i wish we could hang out at the beach here every day in hawaii. come fast! :) good luck in school and all, and i like the changes to your blog. cute.