Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hows Taylor?

So, this is supposed to be "our" blog, but Taylor never posts anything, so it's pretty much just my blog that I update about what both of us our doing.

Taylor has been working hard on his project, which he has asked me not to talk about too much on the blog since things change so regularly. He is still building a website,and looking into some real estate for container housing.

Taylor is headed to Florida in two weeks to visit one of his best friends; Coogan, which will be super fun for him since we haven't been able to do a lot of fun things with only one income. Taylor hates it here in Arizona to say the least, but he is sticking it out while I finish school, which I greatly appreciate. He is so excited and counting down the days until he gets to go to Idaho and fish with his buddies and hike around the mountains in June and I will meet up with him after I visit my family in Portland and we'll spend three weeks to a month there. Hopefully he'll get to go to Idaho sooner than that if he trades his sled for a car--he'll have to go there for a few days to drive it back down and give the guy the sled, which are both in Idaho and obviously a fishing trip will be included. I hope it ends up working out, so that he can have a break from here other than just the four days he'll spend in Jacksonville.

Anyway, that's Taylor. I will update you all with anything else that comes up!

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Kylie said...

i didnt know taylor hated arizona? bummer dude. but im glad you guys are stickin it out. miss you both!