Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cooking: I kinda LIKE it

Celeste pre pregnancy LOVED eating out and I still kinda like it, but it mostly makes my tummy really upset now. I CRAVE home cooked food now and Taylor can tell you that I have been going ALL out lately, because I ALWAYS want something different (I know he LOVES it).

Here is a little sampling: It was so pretty, I HAD to take a picture!

The lighting is a little red, but it's a Salmon fillet with mango salsa and cilantro lime rice. IT WAS AMAZING!!

As I said, this is just a sampling. I've been making egg salad, bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, loaded breakfast burritos, TONS of homemade salsa, waffles, cookies from scratch, peach cobbler and tonight I made the MOST DELISH enchiladas EVER!!! YUMMMM LIFE IS BUENO!!


Courtney B said...

AWESOME! I wish I got like that when I was pregnant. I was working with kids all day and by the time I got home I was super nauseous and tired and I hardly EVER cooked! ENJOY IT :) And share some recipes!

Gina Marchant said...

Celeste I think you should open up your own cafe. You are a mean cook. You are sparking me into getting a little creative and quit making all the same old dishes. I love you and you look beautiful.

Trish said...

I like to try new things sometimes too but it can be hard to fibnd things I csn do myself.

Hope thebaby is doing well.

Sally said...

Celestial! You need to share your homemade salsa recipe with me! I've been looking for one that I would love!

Merissa said...

You sound soooo domestic. Definitely ready to be a mom ;)