Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloweeny 2009

This year we were invited to a Halloween party at the Zebes! We had a lot of fun and Mike and Bre were great hosts!

This is just a taste of the AWESOME food we had! Bre made the most amazing things like the sushi pictured above made of rice crispy treats, vanilla frosting, fruit roll ups and swedish fish, with green vanilla frosting to imitate wasabi! Also pictured is my pumpkin shaped cheese ball-- SO YUMMY! We also had fruit complete with chocolate and caramel dipping sauce, 7 layer dip and chips!!! Needless to say that both Tay and my tummy hurt SOOOOOOO BAD when we left...

I didn't get a chance to get a picture of the Woodard family and realized at the end of the night that I am nowhere to be seen... WHOOPS! The Woodards were strawberry farmers and Paisley was a strawberry; she looked SOOOO CUTE!!! She is pictured here with her Mama's wig on. The Zebes were each other (Mike as Bre, Bre as Mike) and little Ande was a Who, The Flakes were Osama Bin Ladin and a U.S. soilder who caught him and Taylor was Obama and I was a flapper.

Look!!! It's Osama and Obama forming an ALLIANCE! OH THE IRONY!!!!


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Kylie said...

hahaha love it, love YOU!