Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anson: 6 Months

Okay, so I am way behind AGAIN! Promise that his 7th Month post will come at the end of this week when he turns 7 months!

6 Months Stats: Weight:14lbs 10oz Height: 26inches 

Dear Anson,

Most of your 6th month was spent traveling to Arizona, Southern California and then we moved to Florida for Daddy's job.  Through it all, you were amazing! You are such an angel, you're always on your best behavior when I'm most concerned that you"ll have a hard time.  We had a blast with Daddy's family in California and we're starting to get settled in Florida.  You had a really hard time getting back on your schedule with the 3 hour time change, but you did surprisingly well for how exhausted you were.  You are growing so quickly, changing everyday. 

We introduced you to veggies this month and probably a bit prematurely, but we are new at this and we're still learning.  You are so patient with us and no one would ever know that you had constipation or any discomfort, because you are so content.  You took to veggies quite well, you love carrots and peas, but squash hurts your tummy and you do not like sweet potatoes.  Your appetite is steadily growing and you're packing on the pounds! It's amazing to watch you grow into a little boy. 

You met your Granny for the first time (you met Grampy back in July at Deer Springs) and the joy that you brought to her was sweet to see.  She loves you so much and you loved her instantly. 

We took you to the beach for the first time.  You didn't like the water or the sand much much, so needless to say, we don't take you there very often. 

You have some crazy hair and your Daddy LOVES it!  He yells at me if I gel it down.  I just leave it now, because you are cute the way you are, no need for gel. 

You are rolling  like crazy, anxious to discover the world around you.  You are so close to sitting up on your and we practice everyday.  You love it when we snort at you and you are giggling and smiling all the time.  You have the funniest stretch that you do when you wake up in the morning and from naps that I have yet to capture on film.  You stretch your legs and arms up and out as far as they will go and push your belly out, it makes me laugh every time!  You love to to be read and sang to and I try to read a book everyday and I sing to you every night before bed.  You've started singing back to me sometimes and it is the sweetest sound that I've ever heard!

Thank you are being such an good little boy.  You really do have a sweet temperament and you  are more than Mommy and Daddy could have ever dreamed!  We feel so blessed to  have you!  We love you so much!

Daddy & Mommy

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Rob and Marseille said...

homemade pumpkin puree and yams help with constipation. our dr recommended 'yellow squashes' as the first food besides rice cereal. 6 months isn't too early for veggies. by 9 months they are ready for small pieces of pasta