Sunday, November 7, 2010


Taylor's family + gorgeous condo + Seaworld + Disneyland = BEST WEEK EVER!!!!!

 So watching Taylor's Dad with Anson is quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet! 
Bailey, Claire and Hazel LOVE Anson and he adores them.  It was so fun that they couldn't get enough of holding and playing with him!

It was a brief time in the pool, but getting him dressed in his swimming outfit made in worth every second!  Pretty much the cutest monkey on the block!  The pool area was beautiful!

 Seaworld was fantastic, but I mostly enjoyed hanging with the stingrays, Shamu and the dolphins.  Let's be honest though, the dolphin show makes Shamu look like a junk show.  Also, watching Mom # 2/Grandma snuggle Anson was one of the highlights.  Anson LOVES his Grandma!

Dear Disneyland, the Halloween party was fantastic.  Thank you for letting my nieces and son get dressed up  and for loading our buckets and bags with candy (which we're still eating), for the dazzling parade quickly followed by the most spectacular firework show that I've ever seen!  I will bring my kids back when I actually have kid(s) and they are older and can enjoy it.

Disney Day #2
I quite enjoyed reliving my childhood.  I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 5 years old, so this was the BEST 25th Birthday present. I rode every ride that I could get my Nieces, Natalie or Mom #2 on.  The teacups were just as great as I remember, accept that it felt more complete this time with my nieces laughing their brains out as we spinned as fast as we could.  I don't really remember the nauseous feeling afterward though, so you can keep that Walt.  I know Anson didn't have a clue what was going on, but I still had fun showing him the park, getting a picture with every character we could (where there wasn't an INSANE line) and getting him a stuffed Mickey that was of course Halloween themed at the end.

First, thank you Mom and Natalie for working your buns off and getting us all free passes into Disneyland and thank you Seaworld employee for letting me use Lauren's pass so that we could get in free there as well!!  Thanks family for the party of Anson's and my life!  Thank you for the delicious food, the lovely accommodations and all the love and help with Anson!  Love you guys!  It was such a blast and I hope that we can go on another trip like it sometime soon!!!

Side note: Taylor's parents hauled Anson and all of our crap to Arizona pre Southern Cal, then to So-Cal and then Taylor's Dad hauled us to Florida--talk about the best Parents and Grandparents ever. Thank
 you from the bottom of our hearts, it helped us out so much!

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