Thursday, August 4, 2011

85% me

While Anson may look exactly like Taylor (with my skin and hair), his personality is totally me with a side of Taylor.  Observe:

He loves to dress up, but sometimes it ends up being a little painful and perhaps awkward.

He LOVES food, unlike his Dad who only eats because he has to in order to live.  Anson also loves the little extras that I adore and his Father doesn't, like: ranch, sour cream and pickles!

This kid loves sleep.  He has always been a good napper and sleeps great at night, but this one I think is a reflection of Taylor and myself.

The 15% of him that is like Taylor is his mildness.  He is so easy going and thank heaven for that, because it balances out the other 85% of him that is SPAZZY and LOUD!  I also must add that the kid has rhythm and he love, love, loves to dance (very much unlike his Dad) to anything even classical music.  It's hilarious!  I have a video of him dancing to the music that plays on his swing, but it won't upload...lame!  That's all for now! 


Three's Company said...

He's such a little cutie

Chelsea said...

I love this post! Really cute!

The Barlows said...

Thanks girlies!

that's what she said...

what a funny guy! he sure is cute!