Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making a MAD DASH!!

Our house is coming together very nicely, but sometimes I wonder if we were nuts to do this while expecting a little one. Anson will be here in two and half weeks if he sticks to his due date, but could actually come any time(crossing our fingers that he doesn't). This MAD DASH will make for some fun stories! Our house will be done the same week of Anson's due date and bless my hub's heart, he is working is brains out to make sure that happens! Needless to say, I've been sicker than a dog for the last week or so and haven't been able to help much and it hurts my heart to be so useless. Everything will work out though, even if we're still in this apartment when Anson comes. In the meantime though, my husband is pretty much the best ever and the handsomest carpenter I know!!! Also, did I mention Taylor has incredible parents? They came and stayed with us for a week and and between the 3 of them got the entire upper floor painted! THANK YOU!!!!

This week on the house: tile is going in, the old wood floors are getting sanded, stained and sealed, kitchen cabinets will be arriving tomorrow then set and installed, and the base, casing and doors are going in as well. WHEW!! It's a stinkin MAD house over there with that many bodies, but it's gonna be beautiful when it's done and my handsome hub is there to oversee that it all gets done right!

Here are some recent pics:

Exterior DONE! The front door needs to be put it, but that's quick.


Here's the living room/dining room

The kitchen pre cabinets and appliances

The guest bath being prepped for tile. The tile guy was working in the master bath, otherwise I would have shot a picture. Wait till you see the JET TUB!!!!

Hallway leading out to the future deck and Taylor's man shop. Basement access is on your right, hence the hole (don't worry, there are stairs)

Hallway between bedrooms

Anson's room. Couldn't get a pic of the master because the tile and tile saw are in the middle of it.

That's all for now, more updates to come SOON!!!


Trish said...

Looking better every update.

Kylie said...

looks great! reminds me of the days i worked construction. funnn

LindsayBrandon said...

that's so exciting! looks very nice

Michael & Chelsea Wheeler said...

Wow it's looking great! Good job you guys!

Annette said...

It looks fantastic! Hopefully that baby will hold on until the house is ready! :)

Covina Ballerina said...

I love the windows! The house is coming together beautifully!